29 September 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 29SEP2010

Opportunity rover finds 6th Mars meteorite
MSNBC Tue, 28 Sep 2010 07:45 AM PDT
After spending the weekend studying a meteorite on Mars, NASA's rover Opportunity headed to yet another space rock the sixth it has discovered on the Red Planet, SPACE.com has learned. Mars - NASA - Opportunity rover - SPACE.com - Space ...

Mars moon Phobos likely forged by catastrophic blast
MSNBC Tue, 28 Sep 2010 07:44 AM PDT
Space.com: One of the two moons of Mars most likely formed from rubble catapulted into space after a comet or meteorite slammed into the Red Planet, a new study finds. Mars - Phobos - Space.com - Space - Solar System ...

Meteorite expert makes stop in S. Oregon
NewsWatch 12 Medford - Klamath Falls Mon, 27 Sep 2010 19:21 PM PDT
Over 3 decades ago a rare meteorite was found southwest of Lakeview. ...

Google Earth Finds Meteor Crater in Egypt
The National Institute of Astrophysics believe that the meteor, which weighed about ten tons, was traveling at more than 7500 mph when it struck the earth. ...

Opportunity rover finds 6th Mars meteorite
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity took this close-up photo of an iron meteorite on Mars. The meteorite is called Oilean Ruaidh and is the fifth iron meteorite ...

YouTube - SOUTHWESTERN FIREBALL: Meteor (Sept.21st;2010.)
SOUTHWESTERN FIREBALL: Last night (Sept. 21st) around 09:01 pm MDT, a dazzling fireball glided across the skies of New Mexico and west Texas. "We've been ...

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