17 September 2010

Meteor/Meteorite News 17SEP2010

Meteor blazes a trail on the Northside

Northside People (blog) - 16 hours ago
A NUMBER of lucky Northsiders were treated to the rare and spectacular sight of a meteor blazing through the night sky recently. One resident who lives on ...

Moon Crater Map Reveals Early Solar System History

Wired News (blog) - Jess McNally - 16 hours ago
The basin formed from a projectile that impacted the moon about 3.8 billion years ago, likely during the massive ejection of asteroids from the meteor belt ...

Back to the moon's future

Science News - Camille M. Carlisle - 16 hours ago
In general, fewer craters mean a younger surface, because fewer meteorites have had time to hit it. Scientists have linked crater density to age for various ...

Meteorite on display in Castle Rock this weekend

Longview Daily News - 8 hours ago
Brenda Blevins McCorkle / The Daily News Ron Graichen, left, helped Don Wasson identify the meteorite that he and his wife found about 10 years ago in ...

Aliens with souls are living among the stars' says Vatican astronomer

Daily Mail - David Derbyshire - 25 minutes ago
Dr Consolmango, 57, the curator of the Pope's meteorite collection, is a trained astronomer and planetary scientist at the Vatican's observatory. ...

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