11 October 2021

TAIWAN Fireball Meteor Capture #1 07OCT2021 05"00"56 TW Local

Space Rock Streaks through the Northern Taiwan Sky Captured by CCD Camera-corrected time 05"00"56 TW Local
by Dirk Ross, Tokyo 11OCT2021

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Meteor Falls over The Holy Thousand-Hand Guanyin PUSA Sculpture, "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™-The Largest Steel Sculpture, Taiwan’s New Landmark", Tamsui, Taiwan
-- Video capture by Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple  Photo Credits- video capture by Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, photo manipulation and analysis by Thomas Dorman, USA and Chih-An Liu, Taiwan  ©2021

Space Rock Streaks through the Northern Taiwan Sky Captured by CCD Camera
by Dirk Ross, Tokyo 11OCT2021
  An auspicious synchronicity occurred as a fireball meteor entered over Taiwan as the Forshang Patriarch monk, at Yuan-Dao Guanyin Temple, was chanting sunrise blessings at 05"00"56 TW Local time, Thursday, October 7th... Just as OM was being uttered the meteor vanished, as if the message was being carried as it hit the Earth by the light of the meteor... and it was all captured on video! “https://www.yuandao.org.tw/ “

The fireball meteor was determined to be from the ongoing Delta Aurigid meteor shower and was traveling at approximately 34 to 42 kilometers per second or approximately 21-26 miles per second, personal communication Thomas Dorman, USA. If any material actually made it to earth, which is unlikely due to the meteoroid size and velocity, it landed in the Pacific Ocean off Taiwan.

Fireball meteor capture over Taiwan is extremely rare due to the lack of cameras trained towards the night sky over Taiwan. This was an extremely rare event to have been captured. The only known dedicated allsky camera for meteor detection in Taiwan is the TAIMON Spalding/Sandia Sentinel in Pingtung City, Taiwan and operated by teacher/astronomer Shih,Shih-Jhih at Jian Guo Elementary School.

Ross, a long proponent of implementing a Taiwan nationwide allsky meteor detection camera network, hopes that Taiwan people become more aware of checking video systems and reporting events. Ross would like to thank those involved for bringing this meteor event to his attention for study. 

Anyone wishing to report a meteor event or meteorite find may contact Ross at "lunarmeteoritehunter@gmail.com" 

Video of Capture #1 in Tamsui, Taiwan.

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