12 September 2010

Australia Meteor News - Gippsland Victoria Meteor 6SEP2010 12SEP2010

Andrew from Gippsland, Victoria, Australia wrote on 12SEP2010:
"I live in Gippsland Victoria Australia and last Monday night, 6th of September, (I'm not sure exactly what time it was, possibly around 22.30 - midnight.) my time I saw the biggest meteorite I have ever seen. It was so bright it lit up the outside of my workshop and I turned around just in time to see it moving from the east to west in the northern sky. It appeared to break up as it came through the earths atmosphere, I have been searching online for any reports from others who may have seen it but so far found nothing. I've seen shooting stars before but never anything this big."

Thank you Andrew!

Anyone with information please comment.

Note: Please report your sightings to either the AMS or IMO groups so that researchers can follow up. There are links on the sidebar for both.

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Anonymous said...

I am in Mackay Qld and saw a large meteor on the 6th November 2010. It had a huge orange tail. Did anyone see it?