04 September 2010

Eire (Ireland) Meteor/Meteorite News 4SEP2010

VALUABLE: The meteorite, which astronomers believe fell here, would look ...

By Michael Lavery THE HUNT is on for a meteorite that could be worth more than its weight in gold. A fireball blazed across the night sky on Wednesday, ... [Ireland meteor? 1SEP2010; unconfirmed]

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Bernadette said...

I live near Cognac in France and just before midnight last night (4 Sep) saw a large orange/reddish ball in the western sky with a similar coloured tail (afterwards I thought the tail was a bit short).

To guage the size of the ball I'd say it was about as big as my thumbnail (extend arm, hold it up to the sky and point thumb like an artist). I actually expected to hear an explosion as it looked so big and relatively close.