03 November 2010

East Coast USA Meteor Sightings 2NOV2010 from Readers JUST IN!!! 3NOV2010

 East Coast USA Meteor Sightings 2NOV2010
by LunarMeteorite*Hunter (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved
Tokyo, Japan posted from reader/observers within 10 minutes of event at about 7:20pm EDT .

Anyone with video, still photos or cell phone captures please contact me.  Readers, emergency responders, police, or media persons reading this please try to acquire video; this is critical for locating any potential meteorites from this event.
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"Driving home from work this evening, around 7:20 pm ; Initially I thought it was the vapor trial from a jet as it caught my attention (we live south of Logan Airport) Then I could see it looked like a ball of fire with a comet-like tail behind it, but was moving much slower and was much bigger than a shooting star. I was worried that it might be a jet on fire and crashing because I could see it breaking up and a shower of debris behind it and it was coming in at an angle like a jet. It was traveling South-East to North-West - and I was in North Quincy MA heading east at the time. Very strange; I've never seen anything like it." -- Amy B., Quincy, MA (contact info)

"I just saw the biggest meteor I have ever seen in my life tonight.  It was around 7:15 pm and I was in East Weymouth.  At first it appeared to be a low flying plane on fire but it was actually a large white ball with a long tail behind it.  It went from West to East.  It appeared to be heading towards Boston from the South Shore and was traveling horizontally across the sky.  It lasted about 3-4 seconds and eventually exploded with red pieces falling towards the Earth.  It would seem that somewhere in North Weymouth, MA or Hingham, MA there may be pieces of a meteor lying on the ground!" -- SJDoran (contact info) 

"Got out with the wife in Belmont, MA to vote, and we saw a very slow moving bright light going from what looked to be SE to NW, or maybe E to W.  This was between 7:15 and 7:20.  We both got out of the car, gasping at the sky, and as someone who has seen plenty of shooting stars and fast moving objects, this was moving far slower than anything I'd ever seen.  It also looked much lower, and appeared to have several different "jets" of light coming off it, so I guessed that it may have been breaking up.  We lost it through the trees, as we were both trying desperately to get our cell phone cameras out... but alas, even though it was slow, we were even slower."
-- Brian S., Belmont MA  (contact info)

 "THANK YOU!!! I saw a very large "ball of fire" with an even longer tail behind it - going from East to West over Hampstead, NH at 7:18PM tonight. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was really bright - and then it was gone. I asked friends, but nobody else had seen it - so I started searching online ... and here it is" !  -- Elaine

"I just saw a very large Meteorite shoot across the sky here in Massachusetts, it was traveling east to west, seemed to be very low to the ground and was breaking up into pieces as it traveled across the sky, It had a very long trail of “flames” and as the pieces broke off they also had trails behind them. I have seen many smaller Meteorites while fishing at night on cape cod but nothing as large and low to the ground like this."  -- Scott M.  (contact info)

"I just saw a fireball at approximately 7:30pm from Warwick, RI. It was travelling from east to west and lasted about two seconds.  At first I thought it was a plane (we are close to the airport), but then noticed it had the distinctive round mass of a fireball.  It was bluish green and so amazing.  I used to teach astronomy so it was especially exciting for me.  My husband was surprised but not nearly as excited as me!" -- Alicia (contact info)

"I also observed this event while using my telescope last night viewing Andromeda.  About 4-5 degrees off of the horizon beginning in the east and transiting out of view to the north.  Bright white in appearance, with fragments falling off.  I didn't witness the beginning or end of the event but the time frame reported by others sounds accurate.  I began viewing Jupiter around 7pm and was just moving on to Nebula when I witnessed the event.  Reminded me of the video of the shuttle break-up a few years ago.  I thought it might be a satellite re-entering."
.....Mike in Hudson, NH (contact info)

"Harvey Leonard (highly respected Boston MA area meteorologist) said that this might be the end of the Orionids or the beginning of the Leonids.   I probably saw the same show that others report below. In Gloucester/Rockport MA at 7:15 p.m., with a very clear dark sky, we saw a very bright, very low fireball (but colored green, no red – is this weird?) with a wide, long tail of white sparklers moving from southeast to northwest. It appeared to be breaking up quickly"
-- Jane Seigel (Contact info)

DATE:  02 NOV, 2010 @ 19h 17m EDT
PLACE: Elizabeth Brown Elementary School, 29 Gardners Neck Rd. Swansea, MA, USA
SKY: Cloudless; chilly
SIGHTING DETAILS: Initially  about 0 degrees azi. @ about 15 degrees alt.
                                   Finally about 10 degrees azi @ about  10 degrees alt.
                                   Duration about 3~4 sec.
                                   General   Bright, details visible in the tail, straight track sloping down t the left; passing over the three arc-stars in handle of Big Dipper" -- LON CARACAPPA (contact info)

"I was at Shaws in Salem, NH last night around 7:30 when I saw something in the sky.  At first I thought it was a plane on fire.  Then I thought it was silent fireworks but it was going horizontal.  I was in such awe not knowing what I saw that I didn't even think to take a picture with my phone.  I was traveling so slow.  It was a very sureal moment and I wonder if I will ever see another one in my lifetime. I would love to see a video if anyone else captured activity last night." -- Maryellen (contact info)

"We saw a spectacular fire ball coming from the east south east passing between Cassiopeia and Perseus in Cumberland, Maine, about 7:30p on November 2nd.  It seemed to last for about 4 to 5 seconds, was slow moving, yellowish wide streak turning reddish as it broke into several pieces just at its end.  Definitely a life time best for me." -- Bill Rixon of Freeport, Miane (contact info)

"I also saw this one and filed a report with amsmeteors.org -- though it
hasn't shown up yet.-- 1917 EDT, Westford, northest to north travel. Very slow -- maybe 3
degrees per second. Exploded into fragments at the end. Significant
trail (maybe 5 degrees)" Philip (contact info)

"In Stoneham I saw a large white object with a rounded front end and a tail at about 7:20 last night.  It appeared to have scattered objects trailing behind it but everything was white (no red).  It went from east to west with a slight turn to the south.  It streaked right over my neighbors house and seemed so low I thought it might touch the roof.  It appeared to be very large so I immediately ruled-out a shooting star.  I thought it might be a plane but the shape was so perfectly round in the front and there was such a perfect tail behind that I thought it could only be celestial. By the time I ran to the back yard it was not in sight.
Thank you for your blog.  I have an understanding of what I saw in Stoneham, Mass on Nov. 2"
Marilyn M (contact info)

On the way home at 7:19pm this evening I saw what I thought was an awfully low-flying airplane. It's flight path was parallel to snow hill rd between kelton rd and the gardner farm.
 (MOVING SLOWLY EAST TO WEST)   as it came over my windshield it began to split into a (long) trail of large shooting stars....the car behind saw it too-did you?

I was rushing, so long trail of shooting stars does not describe it well.  Someone else's description of "breaking up describes it better - a big chunk leading the way and smaller pieces, trailing.  It moved at the speed of a jet flying low, but went out when it was just past overhead - long before reaching the horizon..."  Jennifer (contact info)

"I observed a the most dramatic fireball of my life for about 4 sec transiting my NE-facing window (~16 miles NW of Boston) about 3-4 degrees above the horizon, it was yellow with a sizable fireball and relatively short tail, shedding pieces. I was a private pilot, and know the flight pattern of the nearby airport well, so I can say that this was comparable in apparent size to a Cessna 150-series at ~2000 ft, 1 miles out. In actual size, I believe the technical term would be "humongous"""I forgot to note: my sighting was just before 7:20 EDT."  -- Anonymous - sign of the times? (no contact info)

"On the night of Nov. 2, 2010, my boyfriend and his cousin witnessed this super fast (approx. 800 mph) fireball with a burning glow to it as it sped over them, kinda close....after reading about Hartley's Comet 2, I think it had to be that....he was so excited about it, he called the police right away and they confirmed it with the FAA that 10 other people saw it too.  They were heading up north on rt. 22 in Amenia, NY near Renneys at around 7:15pm....I was excited too for them and only wished I was there also experiencing it for myself.....my boyfriend is very cosmic...seems that he has witnessed extraordinary objects/sightings/UFOs since living up in Amenia.  We both witnessed UFOs on the night of July 3 and July 5, 2010 also in Amenia, NY. We are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE."  -- Blackwhiskers(contact info)

Other Reported Meteor Event: 31OCT2010
"We were driving home from Maine on October 31, around 8:45 pm or so, when I saw a large yellow streak falling in the Southwest sky.  It was much larger, brighter and much longer lasting than a shooting star.  It seemed to go down over the trees.  I think we were in the area near Danvers, MA but  I'm not sure.  My sister saw the tail end of it when I pointed it out.  Have you heard of anyone else seeing this?  What might it be besides a meteor?  Could it be a bit of a satellite or space junk? " Martha S. (contact info)

  Very Important: Please include location, event, date, time and contact information; your contact info will not be posted or shared without your permission.


Lori said...

I saw the same thing over Danvers, Massachusetts about 7:30 pm.
OMG was ginormous!!!! so happy to find this thread. havent heard anything more about it yet. wow it was amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

nov 2, central mass (worcester) roughly 7:30- saw a large fireball shooting through the sky shedding large pieces. Looked like it was pretty low........had a long tail. wild!

Heather H said...

My husband and I also saw the meteor around 7 20 pm on 11/2/10, we walked out of our house just as it passed...AMAZING, we feel blessed and lucky to get to see it! It was big and looked close. Running from right to left in a straight line in the sky. COOL!

Unknown said...

I saw it also, similiar to previous comments. About 715pm 11/2/10 over Manchester NH... COMPLETELY AWESOME!

Audrey said...

I saw the same meteorite go over Route 35 in Danvers, MA around 7:20. I thought I was in a movie. It was unreal! It was just above the tree tops coming in at a slight angle. It had a huge tail that was just as bright white as the ball. When it crossed 35 it started to break up and disappeared in the trees. I believe it landed someone in that area. Glad someone else saw it. I thought I was seeing things.

Unknown said...

We saw it too! On our nightly walk around town we caught the amazing fireball cross the sky from East to West very low in the sky. We both froze and took it in as it shot overhead. right away I racked my brain for what I was seeing, bright, low, no sound, fireball....it was surreal. Nick and Ash - Newmarket, N.H.

Alex said...

Saw it pass east to west ~ 30* above the horizon at 19:20. Appeared to break up twice, yielding spectacular falling debris. Noticeably bright white in color and lasting ~ 1-2 seconds.

(as seen from Hanover, NH.)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a lot of these comments aren't very helpful. Can I suggest that you indicate the direction that you saw the meteor? Not the direction it was traveling, but the direction that you saw it from your location. Thanks!

Gail Devoid said...

My husband saw the meteor and its breakup approximately 7:18 PM last night and was very excited to see such a raw event. We are in Boscawen, NH and the meteor traveled from east to west, very low to the ground. He had a tractor running so he couldn't tell if there was any sound. From inside our house, I heard nothing.

Tony L said...

I was in Smithfield RI, At @ 7:20facing North. It came from east to west before it broke up and burnt out. Great view, very bright, spectacular burst at the end. About 4 seconds long.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw it while visiting friends in henikier N.H. Last night at about 7:20. It was huge!! I also saw it traveling from east to west when it broke into what looked like 3 smaller pieces. Yes it was that low to the ground that I could see it. Wow I won't forget lastnight.

Anonymous said...

7:20 pm ET, obs. location Somerville ma. meteor streak in the north quadrant, started at azimuth 60 deg east (Revere direction), ended 10 deg west (Woburn direction), elevation ~35 deg to ~30 deg. lasted 4-5 seconds, yellow-white colors, broke apart at the end of the streak, maybe 4-5 pieces.

Ken Champagne said...

Around 7:15pm last night I saw a really cool low level meteor burn up over Renss & Saratoga counties. I am located in Latham, NY just north of Albany. I was facing north and it came in from east to west. It burned brilliantly and quickly like a huge sparkler and emitting balls of flames in all directions. Some airplanes got a real surprise.

Ken Champagne - Latham, NY


L. Richardson - Lowell, MA said...

I was on my way home just after 11:30pm last night, heading southbound on Rt. 495. I was just starting to pass the Lawrence movie theaters and saw the brightest single shooting star I've ever seen in my life. It burned for a good 5 seconds and a gorgeous green trail behind it.

Anonymous said...

7:18PM. Visible from NK, RI to the N, moving from E->W, 30-35Degrees above the horizon. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I saw the same fireball traveling east to west, about 30 deg from Chelmsford MA. Was visible for 3-4 seconds. At the time I was on the phone with a friend from Westbrook CT who reported seeing it simultaneously.

kevinathas@gmail.com said...

I saw this on my way home from work 11.2.10 at approx 7:20. I was headed North on 495 and I was about to take exit 26 (for Rt 62) when I looked up and saw a very bright and fast moving mass ahead. I first thought it was a plane, but soon realized it was not. Within a second or two of watching it pass, it seemed to break apart into many pieces and burn out. It was a very impressive sight!!

Amy C. said...

I saw it last night (Nov. 2). Driving north on Rte 91 at around 7:17 pm-between Greenfield and Brattleboro, VT. I know the time because I called my husband to tell him what I had just saw! It was so low, I thought it was a tractor trailer on a bridge over the highway but there was no bridge there. That is what it looked like-headlights and a fuzzy white tractor trailor box. Once it got past the highway, debris fell off of it, like fireworks. I looked down and had gone from 70mph to about 30, as did the cars around me! I wish I had thought to pick up my phone for pictures but by the time I realized what it was, it was over. I have never seen anything like this before! It wasn't like it was up in the stars, it seemed low like a landing plane!

Anonymous said...

Westwood, Mass. Last night 7:18pm , my husband and I saw a large fire ball , low in the sky heading East to West trailing a long white tail-- so glad to read that others in New England saw it as well ! Any conformation of what exactly it was or if ( where ) it landed????

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing (bright fireball trailing a long white tail) on 11/2/10 around 7:18 pm. I was crossing from Bar Harbor to Trenton, Maine on route 3. It was traveling E>W in the western part of the sky. Before it disappeared from view, it appeared to break into 3 pieces

Jen said...

I saw this fireball over Norwood, MA. I wasn't paying attention to the time but I thought it was closer to 8 as opposed to people who saw it earlier in the night. It had an extremely bright head and a long firey tail. It was very low in the sky and seemed to be moving horizontally instead of falling straight down as I would have assumed it would.

Jen said...

I forgot to mention where I was when I saw it. I was on Rt 1 South in Norwood and saw it traveling from east to west.

Anonymous said...

I work in Queens, NY. I was standing in Rufus King park and I saw a HUGE ball of fire flying slowly and appeared close to the earth. It was shedding pieces. I thought it was a rocket due to the tail. I actually braced for impact. I was totally in awe. I am glad I saw it.

Unknown said...

Saw it last night about the same time. I'm in Kingston, Ontario.Was out walking the dog. Was off to the east. Fantastic. Next time I walk the dog I'm bringing the camera with me.

Anonymous said...

Me and my sister had just gone outside, at around 7:15, and we saw this huge ball of fire streaking through the sky, didn't se it breaking up like some of you, passed behind some trees in 3 or 4 seconds. Biggest and best meteor I've ever seen :)

The artist formerly known as... said...

Saw the same, large bright white event, long bright trail (maybe 1/15th of the visible sky - about as long as a plane contrail), very, very slow moving at first until it finally broke up and immediately fell from the sky.

We were on Pearl St. in Cambridge MA; based on where we were walking this appeared to be north and slightly east.

If I had to guess a place to look based on location, direction, speed, apparent height and angle, direction we were looking when it finally broke up, and so-forth, I'd guess it'd be between the area of Hanscomb AFB and winchester, maybe near lexington.

Could be even closer than that but it definitely and definitively fell NORTH and at least slightly WEST of Cambridge, MA.