05 September 2010

Illinois Meteorite News- Illinois Meteor 4SEP2010 5SEP2010

Mahomet, Illinois Meteor ? - Sept. 4, 2010 (unconfirmed)

Posted on 2010年9月4日 23:17:04 by Western Phil on www.freerepublic.com

During my morning run at 5:56 am Central Daylight Time, I witnessed the brightest meteor that I have ever seen. It was early dawn and still relatively dark. It passed to the north of Mahomet, Illinois (near Champaign) from the east, heading west. It lasted for a while and if I had been alert enough, I might have had enough time to get the camera out which I carry & get a picture. However, that didn't happen & it takes the thing a while to boot up anyway. There was some green during part of of the meteor's flight, so I wonder I wonder if it may have been a returning man made space object with electronics.



Bill said...

We saw 5 large burning objects in seymour indiana throughout the night haven't been able to figure out what they were but the fireballs were huge

Anonymous said...

I was standing outside in New Mexico with some friends who were visiting. One of them was from Chicago and couldn't remember the last time he had seen stars. The three of us were gazing up at the sky around 9 pm MT and to everyone's delight and amazement, we saw what looked like a blazing orange meteor move from the west across the horizon until it disappeared behind the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east. It was glowing orange and had a long tail. Just curious if anyone else witnessed this.

Daniel said...

Saw the same thing as described in the original post, same time, from Milwaukee, WI, my friend saw it from Madison, WI. Lasted way longer than usual meteorite. Maybe space junk. Definitely green fire! Came in at pretty sharp angle too. Even saw it break up after a while.

Anonymous said...

I also saw the object as it fell. I was driving in a northwest direction just north of Lebanon, IN and at 6:54 am (EST) I saw the large green fireball. Like Daniel mentioned, it broke up into a bunch of smaller pieces as it got lower in the sky and those pieces also appeared to burn green. Definitely the brightest thing I've ever seen falling from the sky.

Andrew said...

I saw the biggest brightest meterotie I've ever seen. It was last Monday night 6th of September our time, lit up my whole backyard as it moved west from the east in the northern sky.