23 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23SEP2016

Incoming! New Warning System Tracks Potentially Dangerous Asteroids
On Feb. 15, 2013, a meteor exploded over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Scientists created reconstructions of the meteor explosion, like this one by ...

Fireball over Montréal: American Meteor Society
Canada News
The fireball was seen primarily from Québec but witnesses from Ontario, New Brunswick, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New ...

The Daily Coin
Fireball over Montréal The AMS has received over 125 reports so far about of a fireball event over seen over Montréal, CA on September 21st, 2016 ...

Was light in skies above Tayside a meteor?
Evening Telegraph
“A meteor trail can be bright and linger, but will typically break up with the movement of air in the upper atmosphere. “There is an outside chance this ...

Bright meteor streaks across NH sky
Many New Hampshire residents say they spotted a meteor streaking across the sky Wednesday night.

Did You See This Meteor Streaking Across The NH Sky Wednesday Night?
102.1 & 105.3 The Shark
What appears to be a huge meteor lit up the local sky Wednesday night. WMUR has a nice compilation of videos taken from many who witnessed the ...

UFO? Rogue satellite? Just what was this massive FIREBALL over London?
Civil engineer Ali, from Erith, south east London, snapped these pictures of the orb, which resembles a massive fireball or flaming meteorite.

Falling stars or rocks can teach us about our solar system
Alamogordo Daily News
These are sometimes called shooting stars or falling stars, but the more scientific term ismeteor. They are caused by tiny grains of dust entering ...

Meteor in Northfield
A meteor can be seen going across the sky. The footage was caught my a Northfield police camera.

Meteor fireball shoots across Eastern Canada and US night sky
Signs of the Times
Sébastien Giguère, scientific coordinator at the Mont-Mégantic Astrolab, confirmed Thursday morning that the fireball was indeed a meteor. A meteor ...

Meteor sightings reported in Maine, across New England
WMTW Portland
Sightings of a possible a meteor streaking across the sky Wednesday night have been ... It has not been confirmed if the streak was actually a meteor.

Did you see a fireball streak across the Upstate NY sky last night?
The American Meteor Society website received more than 200 reported sightings, and a camera at a Quebec national park captured a photo.

Was that a Meteor Crossing the Sky over New England Last Night?
103.7 the Peak
... what this ball of light was. So, look for yourself. Do you believe this was just a meteor, or, could it just be extraterrestrials coming to abduct one of us?

Meteor Seen Across New England
My Champlain Valley FOX44 & ABC22
A suspected meteor or fireball was seen from across New England and even into Canada. The sighting was reported between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. ...

Locals see 'Fireball' meteor streaking across sky
Foster's Daily Democrat
MILTON — Some of you might have been alarmed to see a bright light streaking across the sky Wednesday night. But fear not, for despite contrary ...

Meteor spotted in New Hampshire sky
My Fox Boston
On Northfield Police officer's dash cam captured the meteor flashing in the sky. He was traveling north on Park Street when the meteor came into sight.

NASA validates Bible's prediction of 'ultimate' catastrophe by asteroid
Headlines & Global News
Asteroid and meteor attacks are not common events and mostly comprise the stories science fictions are made of. However, one must not think that ...

American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Boston, MA. Latitude, 42° 21' 16.09'' N (42.35447°). Longitude, 71° 3' 48.38'' W (-71.06344°). Elevation, 9.157m. Time and ...

American Meteor Society
I estimate the diameter of the fireball at 0.3 to 0.5 degrees - about the same as a mechanical pencil eraser held at arm's length. I don't think it was an ...

American Meteor Society
Location. Address, Hinesburg, VT. Latitude, 44° 20' 11.5'' N (44.336527°). Longitude, 73° 4' 40.89'' W (-73.078025°). Elevation, 235.489m. Time and ...

American Meteor Society
Observer. Name, Bob R. Experience Level, 3/5. Remarks, It was huge, unlike any meteorite or falling star I have ever seen, very close, very bright ...

American Meteor Society
Name, Marc L. Experience Level, 2/5. Remarks, Fireball disapeared behind a mountain range. Location. Address, Edmundston, New Brunswick (CA).

Meteor Activity Outlook for September 24-30, 2016
American Meteor Society
This weekend the waning crescent moon will rise during the early morning hours and will cause interference with viewing meteor activity. This can be ...

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