13 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13SEP2016

Rare daytime fireball was seen across North Carolina
States Chronicle
Michael Hankey, who is operations manager at the American Meteor Society, said that daytime fireballs are seen a few times a year and the meteorite ...

Scientists say the 300 million-year-old impact could have caused mass animal extinctions. ...

Argentina experts find ancient meteorite
Herald Sun
The discovery was made in an area called Campo del Cielo, which lies in the municipality of Gancedo, where a meteor shower hit approximately 4000 ...

Hallan el segundo meteorito más grande del mundo en Chaco
Tribu Magazine
Un meteorito que según el primer pesaje superaría las 30 toneladas fue encontrado el sábado por un equipo de exploradores de la Asociación de ...

Encuentran meteorito de más de 30 toneladas en el norte de Argentina
Equilibrio Informativo
El astrónomo expresó que el meteorito pesa 30.800 kilos y para pesarlo se aprovecharon equipos de extracción utilizados también sobre otro ..

Suspected Meteor Flies Past Cyprus And Explodes Mid-Air
Science World Report
Residents in the island nation of Cyprus have reported sighting of a suspected meteor shortly after midnight on September 9. Above photo is a file ...

How to See Fireballs From Outer Space and the Eclipse of a Lifetime
“The Perseid meteor shower received quite a bit of attention in August of 2016, when you could see 200 meteors per hour for days at a time,” said ...

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