25 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 25SEP2016

Huge meteor fireball filmed over Kent, UK
The flash of light, believed to be a meteor, was caught on camera at 11.34pm in Ash Vale, Surrey, by the UK Meteor Observation Network. In the five ...

Mysterious boom startles South Frontenac residents
There are some unconfirmed reports of a visible meteor streaking across the sky north of Kingston at approximately the same time, however, as well as ...

Meteor over Hidden Lake, Montana
John Ashley, who often shots in Glacier National Park in Montana, caught this meteor on July 31, 2016. Thank you, John. Visit John Ashley Fine Art.

North Wales X-Files: What was blue light spotted streaking across skies over Wales?
Daily Post North Wales
Several theories were put forward to try and explain the phenomena. Some thought it was a meteor shower, whereas others believed it could have ...

Over the Kingdom flew the meteor
Earth Chronicles News
Over the Kingdom flew the meteor. by space · September 24, 2016. Yesterday in the UK has seen the fall of quite a large meteorite that ...

A 0.1-kg meteor and a 1000-kg spacecraft have the indic...
A 0.1-kg meteor and a 1000-kg spacecraft have the indicated absolute velocities just before colliding. The meteor punches a hole entirely through the ...

The Persied meteor shower 2016
All sky camera connected to the Swedish all sky meteor network, captured and edited by me, Daniel Sundström in Arvika, Sweden Wanna see some ...

October a big month for seeing meteor showers
New Jersey Herald
Here they are, chronologically listed -- Oct. 5, possible Camelopardalid (what a name, it is the species name for giraffe) meteors; Oct. 8, the Draconidsl ...

What's Up in October: Jupiter and Mercury return, and the Orionid meteor shower peaks
Press Herald
This is the first full month of autumn, and it will bring with it a radical transformation of our lush green summer landscape into the dramatic and ...

Leonid Meteor Shower in 2016
The Leonid meteor shower, which peaks in the early morning of November 18 each year, has offered stargazers the most reliable opportunity to see a ...

The Geminid Meteor Shower 2016
The Geminids meteor shower, usually one of the best meteor showers of the year, peaks during the night of December 13-14, 2016. The shower ...

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