09 September 2016

NC Meteor 18"05 EDT 08SEP2015

Breaking News- NC Meteor  18"05 EDT 08SEP2016

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Initial Sighting Reports-
08SEP2016 Harry Alicea New Bern, NC 1805 5-10 seconds Southwest Bright White Almost as bright as the sun. None It caught me by surprise while driving, no video.

08SEP2016 Dennis Mayhand Winston Salem, NC 6:03pm 3-4 seconds Traveling east on 40 just left Peters Creek Pkwy heading back to Greensboro. The big white ball and be with red tail. Traveling very fast heading toward the ground. Whitest blue ball with red tail Bright! We couldn't tell if parts were falling from it. 

08SEP2016 Lisa Nashville,nc 6:05 pm 20sun east white sun no very bright

08SEP2016 Hayden Best Apex NC 27502 1800 hrs EST 3-4 secs north 20 degree azimuth White bluish White bright No fragments fell straight down. Spotted by myself and my dad. We were not together at the time. I was out walking with mom and he was at home about 1/4 mile away. We might try intersection after dinner.

Meteor Streaks Across Sky, Produces Flash Of Light Seen By Many
Goldsboro Daily News - Goldsboro News
A meteor streaking across the sky produced a flash of light seen by many across the area Thursday evening. The National Weather Service confirmed ...

Meteor sightings reported across Virginia: 'It was bright and burning'
Rhonda Sams from Cartersville reported seeing something she believed was a meteor or possibly space debris. “My husband, son, and I were looking ...

Meteor sighting reported across Virginia
Signs of the Times
The American Meteor Society is investigating 46 reports about fireballs seen over Virginia and North Carolina, as well as in California, Michigan, ...

Fireball streaks across sky in North Carolina
Thursday evening around 6:04 p.m. a fireball streaked across the North ... The fireball was seen as far north as Charlottesville and Fredericksville, ...

Fireball streaks across sky in North Carolina
Based on the information obtained by the reports the American Meteor Society estimates that the fireball started about 3 miles southwest of Essex, ...

'It appeared as bright as the sun': Fireball seen in Virginia, North Carolina
Anthony M. said he saw the fireball at 10:20 p.m. He described it as being “bright, luminescent, purple and pink; like the tail of a colored firework.”.

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Unknown said...

Cary, NC spotted meteor falling toward ground around 6 pm while facing North

Unknown said...

Saw the same ball of fire while facing east at 6pm 9/8/16. Morrisville, NC. Only spotted it for a matter of seconds. White light

Unknown said...

I was driving east from Raleigh on hwy 64 around 6:00 pm and I saw the fireball falling from the sky to the northeast from my location. It was yellowish and left a tail of smoke. So cool!