15 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15SEP2016

If the exact meteor from the Tunguska event headed for Brussels right now, how long ahead of time ..
Astronomers can work out the likely trajectory of all sorts of objects they pick up in space. ... I mean one identical to that meteor. Same speed, except it is going for a populated area. It starts somewhere outside where we can observe it....

Massive Meteor Could Have Catastrophic Effects
It might be time to build a fallout shelter. Experts are saying a huge meteor is rocketing close to Earth. Nathan Rousseau Smith has ...

Does the Bible predict an asteroid will strike the Earth? NASA says it is inevitable
Catholic Online
LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - The Chelyabinsk meteor is the single-most dramatic impact of an asteroid with Earth ever captured on film.

Asteroid alert: Space rock with power of three billion nukes nearing Earth
Daily Star
Scientists are keeping a close eye on the meteor as just a minor change in its flight path could have catastrophic consequences for the human race.

"Primitive Solar System materials and Earth share a common initial 142Nd abundance" by A. Bouvier & M. Boyet
The early evolution of planetesimals and planets can be constrained using variations in the abundance of neodymium-142 (142Nd), which arise from the initial distribution of 142Nd...

New discovery shatters previous beliefs about Earth’s origin
A new study led by Western University's all-star cosmochemist Audrey Bouvier proves that the Earth and other planetary objects formed in the early years of the Solar System share similar chemical origins -- a finding at odds with accepted wisdom held by scientists for decades....

Rock show: World's second biggest meteor discovered in Argentina
India Today
A huge falling star has been found which is world's second biggest meteor ever discovered. It weighs 30 tonnes (30,000 kg) and was buried five ...

Second largest meteorite on record discovered in Argentina
The Telegraph
The second largest meteorite on record was extracted from the ground at the Campo del Cielo in Argentina...

Giant 30 Tonne Meteorite Discovered In Argentina
Locals in the small Argentinian town of Gancedo were in for a surprise when a massive meteorite was discovered earlier this week. The meteorite ...

Video of the historical moment in which extracted the meteorite
Video of the historical moment in which extracted the meteorite " Gancedo " Video of the historical moment in which extracted the meteorite " Gancedo ...

العثور على ثاني أكبر نيزك في العالم بالأرجنتين يفوق وزنه 30 طنا
عثر فريق من الخبراء بالأرجنتين على نيزك يصل وزنه نحو 30 طنا و800 كيوغراما كان مدفونا في إقليم تشاكو، شمال غرب العاصمة بوينس آيرس. ويعتقد أنه ...

Massive 30-tonne meteorite pulled from the ground in Argentina
Believed to weigh more than 30 tonnes – or 30,800 kilograms – the meteor was christened “Gancedo” in honour of the nearby town. Mario Vesconi ...

Close Encounter: Bus-Sized Asteroid Narrowly Misses Communications Satellites
Science World Report
Photo shows a Geminid meteor that streaked above the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada on December 14, 2010. The asteroid would have become ...

Lit by the stars: Canon ME-20F-SH shoots Milky Way and meteor shower video at ISO 400000
imaging resource
Uncage the Soul Productions recently took the specialized Canon ME20F-SH video camera out under the stars to capture footage at ISO 400,000.

Meteor Blast | Giant 30 tonne meteorite discovered in Argentina is the second heaviest ever found
Meteor Blast | Giant 30 tonne meteorite discovered in Argentina is the second ...

Event 3427-2016
Fireball event
Events in 2016 3427-2016 KML. AMS received one report about a fireball seen over SC on Wednesday, September 14th 2016 around 08:42 UT.

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