14 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14SEP2016

Argentina: 30-tonne meteorite found in Gancedo
Footage released on Monday, shows scientists in Gancedo excavating a meteorite weighing 30 tonnes (68000 lbs), the second biggest ever to be ...

A giant meteor has just been unearthed in Argentina
The discovery, made on the border of Chaco, about 1,078 km (670 miles) northwest of the Buenos Aires, has been attributed to a meteor shower that ...

68000 lb Meteor Unearthed in Argentina
Santa monica Observed
The accurately named Campo del Cielo is blistered with craters caused by a powerful meteor shower 4000 to 4700 years ago. At least 26 craters ...

World's second biggest meteor ever discovered buried in 'field of heaven'
A giant meteor has been found buried five-metres down in a field in Argentina. The huge space rock , which weighs around 30 tonnes, was unearthed ...

The second largest meteorite ever recorded on Earth is uncovered
The second largest meteorite on record was extracted from the ground at the Campo del Cielo in Argentina, on the weekend of September 10-11.

Revealed: Giant 30 tonne meteorite discovered in Argentina is the second heaviest ever found
Daily Mail
In February 2013, a meteor thought to be part of a family of asteroids orbiting around 93 million miles from our sun, streaked across the sky above ...

2nd-largest meteorite in world, weighing nearly 68K pounds, found in Argentina
Fox News Latino
Vesconi told Télam that the team took the opportunity of having the large machinery at hand to weigh another meteor found nearby, called the El ...

Martian Methane May Come From Comets
Air & Space Magazine
Will future methane “spikes” correlate to meteor showers on Mars, or were past correlations noticed by Fries and his colleagues just a coincidence?

Don't Panic, But There's An Asteroid Right Over There
But even an all-sky search can miss a threatening space invader. The Chelyabinsk meteor started out as an asteroid about 56 feet across, but nobody ...

Suspected Meteor Flies Past Cyprus And Explodes Mid-Air
Cyprus News
The night sky in the island nation of Cyprus lit up as a suspected meteor flew over and exploded mid-air on September 9. One security camera in the...

Six night sky events to look up for in Fall 2016
The Weather Network
The Orionid meteor shower - the second of the year's two meteor showers that originate from Halley's Comet - peaks on the night of October 20-21.

Event 3398-2016
Fireball event
AMS received 40 reports about a fireball seen over ME, NY, MA, NJ, CT, RI, PA and NH on Tuesday, September 13th 2016 around 01:14 UT.

Photo insight with Robert Canis: Marsh and meteor shower under moonlight
Amateur Photographer
With talk of the supermoon and meteor shower filling the news, I considered my options as to where I should set up the camera. For the past 25 years ...

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