04 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03/04SEP2016

What was that bright fireball in the Oregon sky?
A graphic from the Fireball Event Log noting where reports of a sky streak were seen, Sept. 2, 2016. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — About 135 people ...

'Fireball' reported blazing across Pacific Northwest sky
PORTLAND, Ore. – Many people throughout the Pacific Northwest reported seeing a "fireball" blazing through the sky at around midnight Friday...

What was that bright fireball in the Oregon sky?
But the reports of the fireball came from Port Angeles, Washington south to Medford, with most of them in the Willamette Valley and the Oregon coast.

Over 130 reports of 'bright fireball' reported Friday night, Saturday morning
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Numerous reports of a fireball in the sky were reported Friday night and confirmed by an OMSI official Saturday morning.

Meteor over Portland Oregon - September 2, 2016
Dash cam view of a meteor over Portland, Oregon. ...

Dashcam catches footage of a burning meteor over Northeast Portland
The Perseid meteor burst may have held our collective attention last month when, at its peak, shooting stars were practically raining throughout the ...

What Was That Fireball in Oregon Friday Night?
By Saturday morning, the American Meteor Society had received more than 130 ... "I did a google search and apparently green means the meteor was ...

Portland Daze
Dashcam catches footage of a burning meteor over Northeast Portland – OregonLive.com · What was that bright fireball in the Oregon sky?

Amazing dashcam footage captures meteor shooting across the night sky
A motorist in America caught this incredible footage of a meteor streaking through the night sky on his car's dashcam. The driver was heading west on ...

Fireball reported across Pacific Northwest sky
Peninsula Daily News
Most of the sightings were reported in the Portland area, with a smattering stretching north into Washington state, according to the American Meteor ...

Did someone else just saw a huge meteor heading north over nw portland?
Never seen anything like this!! Too fast to pull the phone out. Nice!!! I wonder how big was it. Looked greenish tint, but...

Mysterious bangs possibly caused by meteor over South Island, New Zealand
Signs of the Times
An astronomer says a loud bang heard in Rolleston and a red streak seen in the sky over Whanganui at the same time were possibly from a meteorite ...

Weird Oregon Coast Latest: Fireball in Skies, Landmark Crumbles
Oregon Coast Beach Connection
The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received over 135 reports on its website of a dazzling fireball at 11:35 p.m., visible from Port Angeles, Wa., ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for September 3-9, 2016
American Meteor Society
This week will be the best time of the month to view meteor activity as the moon will not interfere with morning observing. The estimated total hourly ...

Aurora With A Fireball Photobomb
Realtime Image Gallery
The Sept 1st aurora were a good show on their own. I caught the brightness of the meteor/fireball over the landscape and turned to realize that I very ...

meteorite & phophorescent ink prints
Started making my own inks from various fine particles, Brenham pallasite meteorite, iron meteorites, howardites, chondrites and also non-meteorite ..

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