12 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12SEP2016

Cyprus exploding Meteor sparks police calls
Cyprus News
Cyprus exploding Meteor — A celestial body, probably a meteorite flew in the night from Thursday to Friday over Cyprus before exploding over the...

Suspected Meteor Explodes Over Cyprus
Cyprus News
Officials in the Eastern Mediterranean country of Cyprus are puzzled by reports from residents regarding a fiery meteor streaking across the sky...

Witnesses: Meteorite Explodes Over Cyprus
Epoch Times
Meteorites don’t often to explode in the sky and with such power that the ground shakes....

September issue of Meteorite Times is now up.
Magazine View - http://issuu.com/meteorite-times/docs/meteorite-times_2016_9
PDF - http://www.meteorite-times.com/download-meteorite-times-magazine-as-pdf/

Rare Daytime Fireball in North Carolina Outshines the Sun – VIDEO
CDA News
Michael Hankey, the operations manager for the American Meteor Society (AMS), referred to the relative rarity of seeing a fireball in the daytime sky, ...

Early September 2016 meteor observations from North Florida
Meteor News
We were out to monitor a relatively obscure and little known minor meteor shower called the September epsilon Perseids (SPEs), a radiant that has ...

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