16 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16SEP2016

Earth 'not prepared for apocalyptic ASTEROID strike' says Obama advisor
Daily Star
The science boffin drew attention to the devastating meteor that blasted the Russian city Chelyabinsk which injured 1,200 people in February 2013.

Massive Meteor Could Have Catastrophic Effects
It might be time to build a fallout shelter. Experts are saying a huge meteor is rocketing close to Earth.

One of the Largest Meteorites on Record was Unearthed in Argentina
The Science Explorer
Bill Cassidy, a US researcher who has studied meteor impacts at Campo del Cielo, told Scientific American last year that the site is unique because "in ...

Argentina- 30-tonne meteorite found in Gancedo
Argentina- 30-tonne meteorite found in Gancedo. ... New. 1:27. It's HUGE: 30-tonnesMeteorite discovered, unearthed in Argentina - Duration: 2:26.

Así es el segundo meteorito más grande del mundo — Vídeo
Diario Católico (Venezuela)
Cabe recordar que el meteorito Hoba sigue ostentando la marca de ser el más grande del mundo. "Estamos ante un meteorito imponente", dijo ...

Scientists: No, the Rock You Found Is Not a Meteorite
Wall Street Journal
Some scientists see a spike in queries whenever there is a big meteor ... (A meteor is the flash of light in the sky; a meteorite is the piece that hits the ...

Event 3429-2016
Fireball event
Events in 2016 3429-2016 KML. AMS received 2 reports about a fireball seen over Northern Ireland and Zuid-Holland on Wednesday, September ...

Altitudinal dependence of meteor radio afterglows measured via optical counterparts
... of the LWA1 radio telescope along with a host of all-sky optical cameras, we have now observed 44 optical meteor counterparts to radio afterglows.

Meteor Shower San Diego in San Diego
Events and things to do in San Diego, CA - Eventful
Meteor Shower San Diego on Sep 17, 2016 in San Diego, CA at Sheryl & Harvey White Theatre.

Carl Johannink
Meteor News
The CAMS_BeNeLux network catched the activity of the September Perseids right from the start on September 6th. Figure 1a/b shows the radiants of ...

Hallan segundo meteorito mas grande del mundo argentina chaco gancedo
Tribu Magazine
Como dato, el meteorito de Hoba, localizado en Namibia, es el más grande encontrado hasta el momento; con un peso aproximado de 66 toneladas ...

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