01 September 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01SEP2016

Bright meteor streaks across SoCal skies
A bright meteor was spotted shooting across the Southern California skies Thursday evening, sparking reactions on social media and even stopping ...

Possible meteor over NZ spotted in the skies from around the country
Possible meteor over NZ spotted in the skies from around the country ... There were reports of a meteor seen in the skies over Wellington on Friday ...

Bavarian town built around meteor that crashed millions of years ago
Blasting News
Nordlingen, Germany, is the only European town whose epicenter was built around the site of a giant meteor that crashed some 15 million years ago.

100 years ago: Massive meteor in Fort Pierre recalled
The Capital Journal
The Memoirs of the National Academy of Science for 1915 devotes two large folio pages to a description of “The Fort Pierre Meteor,” found 20 miles ...

1885 Jamestown meteor displayed all around the world
Jamestown Sun
What made this so unusual was that the hole, with the meteor at the bottom, was still open. Officials estimated the meteor strike had likely occurred in ...

Meteor Impacts May Have Wiped Out Evidence of Life On Mars
Are meteor impacts the reason we have yet not found any evidence of life on Mars? Team member Wren Montgomery of Imperial College London said ...

radio meteor zoo
Their latest project is Radio Meteor Zoo. The data source for this project is BRAMS (Belgian Radio Meteor Stations). The network produces a huge ...

Perseid meteor shower 2016 photographed in Texas is a thing of beauty
Photographer Jason Weingart ventured to the Texas Bend in Big Bend National Park, Texas, and the Grand Canyon, in Arizona, to capture the meteor ...

Eureka moment for fireball hunters
The Australian
But six locals reported it, using a smartphone app Curtin University researchers have developed to turn ordinary Australians into fireball hunters.

Eclipse Webcast by Slooh
A spectacular "ring of fire" solar eclipse will darken skies over Africa early Thursday morning (Sept. 1), and you can watch the event here at Space.com ...

'METEOR LANDED IN MY GARDEN' Man claims chunk of space rock scorched a hole in his lawn ...
The Sun
A DUMBSTRUCK smoker was puffing on a fag in his garden only for a “METEORITE” to crash onto his lawn and burn a hole in the grass. HOAX!

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