30 June 2016

NASA reports 1.2kt bolide over Mauritania

NASA reports 1.2kt bolide over Mauritania

NASA fireballs page has been updated with a bolide meteor with 1.2kt of Calculated Total Impact Energy. The bolide's position was given as 15.8N,11.9W.
The bolide was detected on Monday 27 June at 10:02UTC, possessed a velocity(x) of -29.1 km/s or 18.2 miles/sec (65,475 mph) and was reported at an altitude of 33km (20 miles).

Background Situation

New asteroid discoveries are currently in somewhat of a lull, with only 10 new discoveries in the <0.5AU range within the last 2 weeks (Period "M"). The numbers of new <0.5AU discoveries have been in decline since period "G" (Apr1-Apr15), with a similar trend for <5LD asteroids since period "E" (Mar1-Mar15).

2016 MA was the only <5LD asteroid discovered during period "M" and made its close-approach on June 19 at a distance of 2.6LD. New period "N" begins tomorrow (July 1).
So far, in 2016, there have been 29,849 new <0.5AU discoveries and 211 <10LD discoveries.
(Source for all stats: eissco.co.uk).

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