15 June 2016

ONT QC NY NJ PA MA MI Fireball Meteor 14JUN2016 - Breaking!

BREAKING! ONT QC NY NJ  PA MA MI Fireball Meteor 2130 EDT 14JUN2016
Fragmentation reported. Electrophonics reported! 
MeteorRats take a look! May be rocks on the ground.
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Sighting Reports-

14JUN2016 m Kingston,ontario, canada 21:30 5 seconds heading west, low in the sky bright white/orange/blue sun it seemed to burn away to nothing, getting smaller as it moved further along I could hear a whoosh as it went overhead, it seemed really close. I almost thought it was fireworks, but it definitely was not.

14JUN2016 Kevin Tonawanda, NY 21:30/EST PM 5 to 10 seconds S-N Bright green to brigh red Bright as the moon Yes. None

14JUN2016 Ben Cahill East Amwell, NJ, USA ~ 21:30pm Eastern Time 5-8 seconds SE-NW, facing NNW, movement mostly down and away from me, slight right-to-left motion. First spotted ~ 30 degrees above horizon, moved to ~20 degrees above. Usual bright yellow/white. No sound. Venus or brighter No None.

14JUN2016 Caroline Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 21:15/EST, PM 5 sec SE to SW facing south Very bright white, yellow Airplane lights Yes I first thought it was an airplane low in the sky that was how bright and big it was. We are very close to the airport here in Ottawa.

14JUN2016 Sandro Belpanno Spencerport, NY USA 2100 EASTERN 4-7 E;NE right to left ? (Colorblind) no sound, but i was standing next to a running pool pump. Moon/venus. Very bright, and the sun ad just set. Sky was still bright. Yes, several. 5-10 It was pretty awesome. 10-20 times brighter than any i have ever seen, but im not an avid skywatcher.

14JUN2016 Lisa Pritchard Rome, NY United States approx 20:25 pm eastern time zone I just saw a small arc as it passed from behind a tree through the tree, and passed some roofs from east to west, right to left, I was facing approx north reds/oranges very bright and vivid, I'd say as bright as moon, but in oranges and reds not that I saw a bit smaller than the moon, but much larger than venus. Like a bright orange red ball of fire with a definite tail.

Anon wrote-
I was in my backyard doing yardwork and around 830pm in Orleans Ontario I saw a fireball in the sky with whoosh sound. First time I've seen this! Very cool!

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Unknown said...

I was in Dannemora Ny walking to the gas station and there was a big fire ball bigger than the moon on a good day! I Didn't know if it was a plane or or a meteor so i called the police. The dispatcher turned me over to the state police. she said she couldn't tell me what it was. She said i was the first to call it in. she did not know what to do. she asked me what she thought she should do! ha ha! it was bright orange,red, and yellow from what i remember. The tail was longer than a house, sky to ground. It seemed to pass between Lyon mountain and Dannemora. I turned my back to see if anyone else saw this and when i turned back around it was gone.

Stephane said...

I was in my backyard doing yardwork and around 830pm in Orleans Ontario I saw a fireball in the sky with whoosh sound. First time I've seen this! Very cool!