13 June 2016

Sharp increase in number of <0.5AU asteroids for current period

Sharp increase in number of <0.5AU asteroids for current period

 In the previous 24-hours, the number of <0.5AU asteroid discoveries for current period (L) has sharply increased from 284 to 1199 (increase of 915).  1 AU = ~150 million kilometers

As of yesterday, the most recent announced discovery was 2016 LJ11 (decimal equivalent = 2016, L, 284).  As of 07:55 British Summer Time, this has been superseded by 2016 LY47 (decimal equivalent = 2016, L, 1199).

Within those 915 new discoveries, none have a close-approach of <10LD - which is quite unusual.

Normally (whatever 'normal' is), 0.7% of the running total <0.5AU discoveries are in the <10LD range, with 0.1% of the running total making a close-approach <1LD.
1 LD = Lunar Distance = ~384,000 kilometers

1) New period "M" starts as of 00:00 Thu-16-June-2016.
2) In comparison, 2015 (periods A-L inclusive) saw a total of 47,551 new <0.5AU discoveries.  For the same period of 2016, so far, there have been a total of 29,742 new <0.5AU discoveries - so we're currently 'down' by 37.5% on last year's totals (so far).

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