07 June 2016

Puerto Rico Fireball Meteor 02JUN2016 w/ Video

Puerto Rico Fireball Meteor 2106 Local 02JUN2016 w/ Video

Meteoro sobre PR 6/02/2016
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Published on June 2, 2016
  A bright and slow meteor was visible from the entire island moving the Northeast to the Southeast, reported Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC). The educational institution noted that remarkable meteor was spotted at about 9:06 p.m. Thursday. "Obviously was visible from the entire island, as we received reports of Juncos, Vega Alta and to Mayagüez," said Eddie Irizarry, vice president of the SAC.
  "Some areas of the island were clouded, but the meteor was bright enough so many saw the clouds or even behind them," said the educational institution. "It was like a glowing sphere, like a big shooting star with a long tail light blue" described Ednaly Ortiz Camacho, Vega Alta, in the networks of the SAC.
  The organization managed to capture some images of the meteor and shared a video in which we see that in effect was visible although some cloudiness. He explained that meteors as these are caused by a disintegrating space rock through our atmosphere.
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