23 June 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23JUN2016

Amazing June Lyrid fireball recorded over Spain
Meteor News
The event was recorded by eight cameras deployed at four meteor-observing stations operating in the framework of the SMART Project. The analysis ...

Sugar derivatives in meteorites shows enantiomeric excess
June 22, 2016 by Heather Zeiger
(Phys.org)—Chiral molecules can be found in chemically equivalent left-handed (L) and right-handed (D) mirror-image forms - each commonly referred to as an enantiomer. Synthetic sugars and other chiral molecules made in the lab from non-chiral precursors, or any process that does not use asymmetric reagents such as enzymes in biological reactions,...

NASA Scientists Discover Unexpected Mineral on Mars
Scientists have discovered an unexpected mineral in a rock sample at Gale Crater on Mars, a finding that may alter our understanding of how the planet evolved.
NASA's Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity, has been exploring sedimentary rocks within Gale Crater since landing in August 2012. In July 2015, on Sol 1060 (the number of Martian days since landing), the rover collected powder drilled from rock at a location named "Buckskin." Analyzing data from an X-ray diffraction instrument on the rover that identifies minerals, scientists detected significant amounts of a silica mineral called tridymite....

In search of stardust: finding micro-meteorites on your roofWith a strong magnet and a fine sieve you can discover meteorites that have landed on your home.
By Markus Schwabe, CBC News Posted: Jun 21, 2016
Seven years ago Jon Larsen was preparing to eat his breakfast outside at his home in Norway when a meteorite slammed onto his patio table. But the meteorite didn't do any damage, because it was the size of a piece of dust. ...

Watch the night sky
The Hindu
June 30 is World Meteor Watch Day. Meteors are also known as 'shooting stars'. Look up into the night sky and you might see a sudden streak of light.

Instructions for Building a Portable Double Cross Antenna: Great for NOAA/Meteor Weather Satellites
A double cross antenna is great for reception of satellites like NOAA and Meteor since it has a sky oriented radiation pattern with very few nulls.

2016 The THIRD Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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