29 June 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29JUN2016

Researchers Trace Mercury's Origins to Rare Meteorite

Opal Discovered in Antarctic Meteorite

300g 'meteorite' crashes through roof of Thai house.

Asteroid day 2016: Ten facts about the celestial bodies on the eve of the global event
International Business Times UK
Asteroid day facts Astronomers observe the Gemenids meteor shower in the observatory of Avren. Meteors are asteroids that burn upon entry in the ...

300g 'meteorite' crashes through roof of Thai house.
The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
AZ NV NM CA Bolide Meteor 02JUN2015 w/ 21 Videos. AZ NV NM CA Bolide ... New Zealand Fireball Meteor 07JUN2016 w/ Video. New Zealand ...

Around the Town: Meteor Crater to celebrate Asteroid Day
Arizona Daily Sun
In honor of Asteroid Day on Thursday, June 30, Meteor Crater will host an all-day celebration featuring arts and crafts, a costume contest, ...

Tracking down the Arizona fireball
Arizona State University
On June 2, a chunk of rock the size of a Volkswagen Beetle hurtled into the atmosphere over the desert Southwest at 40,000 miles per hour and broke .

Putnam: Falling rock is meteor-wrong DeWitt family told
Lansing State Journal
And Whitford witnesses a lot of meteor-wrongs, including another one from DeWitt area Tuesday that turned out to be metal slag. He's looked at more ..

Lie back on a summer night and look up at the sky
North Country Public Radio
The Perseid meteor shower is coming in August. Meteor showers take their names from the point in the sky from which they seem to emerge.

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