03 June 2016

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02JUN2016

Meteor over Arizona. 02 June 2016 on I40 headed east.
02 June 2016 on I40 headed east. Meteor caught on my gopro used as a dash cam.

WHAT WAS THAT?! Bright light streaks across sky
ABC15 Arizona
ABC15 is actively looking to verify whether a meteor was the source of a light and if so, if there are any impact sites. If you have photos or videos, ...

Possible meteor lights up the Arizona sky
FOX 10 News Phoenix
A bright flash from a possible meteor lit up the valley sky just before 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning and now the question remains: What was it?

The truth about the meteorite mystery of 1893
Miami County Republic
The meteor was recovered after some difficulty as it was heated to almost a melting condition. It was a dark slate color, irregular in shape but smooth, ...

Two fireballs illuminate the sky of Brazil on two subsequent nights
Strange Sounds
On May 29 and May 30, 2016, two fireball explosions illuminated the sky of Brazil. Awesome videos recorded by the Brazililian Meteor Observation ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 01JUN2016
Posted: 01 Jun 2016 03:10 AM PDT
King Tut's Blade Made of MeteoriteSpace.com King Tut was buried with a dagger made of an iron that literally came from space, says a new study into the composition of the iron blade from the sarcophagus of the boy king.

King Tut's May Have Carried Around a Meteor-Forged Dagger
Astronomy Magazine
Tutankhamun, the famous pharoah of Egypt who died at the age of 19 after a 10 year reign, may have owned, and been buried with, a dagger made of ...

King Tut Was Buried with a Cosmic Dagger
Discover Magazine (blog)
The meteor that gifted King Tut with the raw materials for his dagger likely belonged to a fairly rare class of iron meteorites called ataxites, according to ...

King Tut: Dagger made from meteorite, study confirms
Study confirms King Tutankhamun's dagger was made from meteorite. June 2, 20162:44pm. Video; Image. Play. Current Time 0:00. /. Duration Time 0: ...

X-rays reveal that King Tut was buried with a space dagger
The team was able to not only figure out that an ancient dagger was probably made from a meteor, but also what meteor that iron came from.

Adaga de Tutancâmon é feita de ferro de meteorito
Jornal O Globo
RIO — Uma adaga encontrada no sarcófago do rei Tutancâmon veio, literalmente, do espaço. Uma análise realizada com modernos equipamentos ...

Tutankhamun had a space dagger: Blade found beside ancient...
Daily Mail
The iron used to make the blade came from a meteorite called Kharga, which was found in 2000 on the Maras Matruh plateau in Egypt, 150 miles west ...

You can help the International Meteor Organization too!
International Meteor Organization
You can help the International Meteor Organization too! IMO work is done entirely by volunteers, and helping hands are most valuable. You can help ..

Lights on, lights off: Meteor blazes across Phoenix skies
PHOENIX — Lights flashing across the early morning sky startled plenty of Valley residents and thrilled others Thursday, when a meteor streaked ...

Tutankhamun's blade 'made from meteorite,' study reveals
Like the knife, the beads were made from meteor metal. "As the only two valuable iron artefacts from ancient Egypt so far accurately analyzed are of ...

Tutankhuman had a dagger made of iron that came to Earth on ameteor, scientists find
The Independent
King Tutankhamun was buried with a dagger made from a meteorite, according to a new paper. The ancient Egyptians that helped make it also ...

Arizona meteor: First videos show stunning flash across night skies
A meteor flared across the sky over Phoenix, Arizona Thursday morning, reportedly waking many residents from their slumber with the sound of a loud ...

Large meteor possibly hits in Arizona
Above Top Secret
AZ was not hit with a meteor. One just happened to traverse the sky. The shaking was probably a sonic boom. Anything large enough to make that kind ...

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