03 June 2016

AZ NV NM CA Bolide Meteor 02JUN2015 w/ 21 Videos

AZ NV NM CA Bolide Meteor Approx 0356 MST  02JUN2015 w/  21 Videos
The meteorites have fallen inside a National Forest and the Apache Lands. Tribal Law FORBIDS outsiders from entry without prior written permission from the Apache Nation. VIOLATORS WILL BE FULLY PROSECUTED! 

Rocks likely on the ground! Fragmentation and Sonics from a 3-meter-wide asteroid.
Report your meteor sightings please-

Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures.
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanuki@gmail.com ; Thank you!

Video 1
NASA Meteor Cam Video of June 2, 2016 Arizona Fireball
Posted on YouTube by NASA.gov Video 525 views
Video obtained from the NASA meteor camera situated at the MMT Observatory on the site of the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory, located on Mount Hopkins, Arizona, in the Santa Rita Mountains. Credits: NASA/MEO

Video 2
Phoenix Arizona Meteor trail
Posted to YouTube by Orephiuchus 1,575 views

Video 3
Contrail from a meteor over Phoenix, Arizona
Posted to YouTube by Jon Mrgudich 435 views
Published on Jun 2, 2016
Meteor over Phoenix Arizona. Mesa. Chandler. Gilbert. Tempe. I was up at 4AM and the house shuttered 2 to 3 times. About 20 minutes later I heard on the news that it was a meteor. No damage here in NW Glendale.

Video 4
Sedona Red Rock Cam footage of fireball on June 2, 2016
Posted to YouTube by NASA.gov Video 609 views
This footage from the Sedona Red Rock Cam (part of the EarthCam network) shows how brightly the ground was illuminated during the fireball, which entered the atmosphere over Arizona shortly before 4 a.m. MST on June 2, 2016. Credits: Sedona Red Rock Cam/EarthCam

Video 5
Animation of Orbit and Approach of June 2, 2016 Arizona Fireball
Posted to YouTube by NASA.gov Video 275 views
Published on Jun 2, 2016
This animation shows the orbit of the June 2, 2016 Arizona fireball and the view from its perspective as it approaches Earth. Credits: NASA/MEO

Video 6
Large fireball over Arizona June 02, 2016 1056:32 UTC. (4:56:32 MDT)
from Thomas Ashcraft on Vimeo.

Video 7- link only

Video 8

Scottsdale, AZ Meteor 20160602
Posted to YouTube by Diana H 259 views

Video 9

Meteor over Phoenix June 2, 2016
Posted to YouTube by ChaosFireV 1,531 views

Video 10

Phoenix Meteor - Multiple Angles - Videos - June 2nd 2016 - 6/2/2016
Posted to YouTube by fastlenny69 5,146 views

Video 11
Meteor, Phoenix Arizona
Posted to YouTube by Joe Wright 9,048 views

Video 12
Meteor - Show Low AZ, June 2nd 2016
Posted to YouTube by meskue1 473 views

Video 13

Arizona meteor
Posted to YouTube by Che Kelley 173 views

Video 14
Meteor over Arizona. 02 June 2016 on I40 headed east.
Posted to YouTube by Mark Olhava 85,252 views
7 MORE VIDEOs from Sandia Sentinel Allsky System-

Meteor Sighting Reports-
02JUN2016 Michelle Scottsdale, AZ 4:15ish am Less than two seconds I was facing west it went west and downward to the south Burning fireball? Looked like a burning fireball Not sure Booms followed after seeing it

02JUN2016 E. W. Mitchell Chandler, AZ 400 5-10 seconds North To East (maybe South East) 30-45 degreeish downward angle??? I was in my car (on a break from work) facing West white, no sound. it lit up my car, then I noticed the parking lot was lit up as well sun yes I thought it was someone playing with a flashlight then it got brighter. Then I thought another car was coming at me. When I turned and looked I saw the parking lot lit up and the streak of light coming down. then it fragmented.

02JUN2016 jason robbins prescott arizona 400 a couple of seconds looking east. left to right yellow/red low in sky broke up lit up the sky yes thought it was fireworks at first

02JUN2016 Dan Tucson, Arizona, United States 0356  4-6 seconds. Driving E-W and the Meteor was traveling SW-NE Very bright object travel fast through the sky. It had a large tail and lasted for about 4-6 seconds. It lit up the whole night sky to a bright yellowish white color. I couldn't tell. It looked similar to the meteor captured in Russia a few years ago.

02JUN2016 Randy Burt Mesquite NV 3;55 AM 3 sec East S.E Red/GReen Sun/Moon no Impact with bright whit flash

02JUN2016 anita allen Lakeside, AZ 330 40+ dont large explosion, shook house almost sun don't know large fire and police response.

More- NASA Report-
  'Based on numerous eyewitness accounts, a small asteroid estimated at 10 feet (3 meters) in diameter – with a mass in the tens of tons and a kinetic energy of approximately 10 kilotons – entered Earth’s atmosphere above Arizona just before 4 a.m. local (MST) time. NASA estimates that the asteroid was moving at about 40,200 miles per hour (64,700 kilometers per hour).
  Eyewitness reports placed the object at an altitude of 57 miles above the Tonto National Forest east of the town of Payson, moving almost due south. It was last seen at an altitude of 22 miles above that same forest.
  “There are no reports of any damage or injuries—just a lot of light and few sonic booms,” said Bill Cooke in NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. “If Doppler radar is any indication, there are almost certainly meteorites scattered on the ground north of Tucson'

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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