11 June 2016

VA NC PA Fireball Meteor 10JUN2016

VA NC PA Fireball Meteor Approximately 2200 EDT 10JUN2016
This was likely seen in several other nearby states. updates.

Report your meteor sightings please-

Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures.
If you have a video or still image please send to me @ drtanuki@gmail.com ; Thank you!

Sighting Reports-
10JUN2016 Brian Leland, NC 22:02, EDT,pm 2-3 seconds North east not sure of direction I was facing blue, green Venus no, left trail behind it the color caught my attn and the angle which it fell from the sky

10JUN2016 Steve Williams wrote-"Myself and several friends were attending an outdoor party when we all noticed a bright fireball speeding through that sky. It appeared to be a meteor or fireball. I’ve never seen anything like it before. It was flying over Glen Allen, VA 23059 at approximately 9:30 pm EST."

10JUN2016 Michael Pearson Charlotte CH, VA 2200 EDT 8 sec Looking east, falling diagonal right to left. Bright blue flashes Bright enough to light up the sky. Very bright Unknown Very amazing. Most spectacular meteorite I've ever seen. Awesome enough for me to look up meteorite sightings.

10JUN2016 Lauren Campbell Henrico, VA 2200 6 secs or so Right to left, facing S Red white Very bright- like a firework No Really cool! Never seen anything like it.

10JUN2016 Lynn Swank Lewisburg, PA, USA 22:05 EST. (10:05 pm) Didn't time it, but maybe 30-40 seconds Facing south, moved left to right from far left about 2/3 way across in front of me and then flickered and disappeared Orange (like fire). Bright flash, then began to flicker and disappeared A little brighter than Venus No, single object Photo from smart phone, so not good quality by any means.

10JUN2016 Cathy P MONROE! NC, USA 22:00 / EST / PM 7 Seconds We were facing EAST, saw it dropping diagonally, moving from right to left. It disappeared behind tree level. Bright Green and Bright White Same as the moon. Yes, it looked like it was on fire, and pieces were sparking. It was amazing! We've never seen such a bright meteor. Thought a plane was crashing. Husband saw it with me, he is an AF veteran. Heart was pounding.

10JUN2016 Julie Carnes I was coming down Highway 85 towards Burlington North Carolina Friday night June 10th between seven and 8 o'clock and it looked like a plane was crashing at first but it was I am assuming a meteor! Huge streak of light blues and greens then a big flash and it was gone! I've never seen anything like it it was pretty amazing definitely happened wish I could have grabbed my camera faster!

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