12 October 2015

Australia Meteor 10OCT2015 w/ Loud Boom

Australia Fireball Meteor approx. 0210 AEST 10OCT2015 w/ Loud Boom

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
10OCT2015 Bradley Dice Macksville, NSW,Australia 02.10am 5 to 6 seconds North Turned sky brilliant white for nearly 5 seconds and hit somewhere i did not see but there was crashing sound and the ground shoock for nearly 2 seconds same as the sun turned night to day did not see behind me from where it first light sky up and the time it took for me to pull over safely was nearly to minutes could not see anything but thats when i heard the loud distant boom and felt earth tremble as i stood in carpark trying to work out what just happened

10OCT2015 diana haynes raymond terrace nsw australia 2.08am aest 3 seconds 1minute west left to east right . facing north huge bright green sun yes length massive

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News Report-
Strange light in Coffs skies likely caused by 'space junk'
THE bright light that streaked across the sky above Coffs Harbour early on Saturday morning was probably a piece of space junk crashing back to Earth, astronomy groups say. ...  THERE IS LACK of  EVIDENCE to say that this was space trash! - LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo

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