29 October 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29OCT2015

Asteroid that could wipe out LONDON on course for hair-raising ...
Sep 30, 2015 ... Home · News · Science; Asteroid that could wipe out LONDON on course .... Russia was unfortunate again, when a 20-metre long meteor came ...

Late spotting of Halloween asteroid shows why we must keep watching the skies, says space expert
Meteor in night sky (Digital Composite). Even so, Dr Detlef Koschny, who heads the agency's NEO tracking team, said: "The fact that such a large ...

Discovery of oxygen on comet 'big surprise'
Wednesday the unexpected discovery of large quantities of oxygen on a comet which streaked past the Sun in August with a European spacecraft in tow. The find came as a "big surprise" and challenges mainstream theories on the formation of our Solar System, said scientist…

Russia's first static meteor observing station is opened in Siberia
The Siberian Times
This allows researchers to observe the same meteor from two different locations, and to measure its size, light energy, direction, weight of meteoric ...

Falling Space Junk to Create Fireball in the Sky
A piece of space junk will fall back to Earth next month, giving researchers a chance to study how incoming objects behave when they hit the planet's ...

Earth Bloomed Early: A Fermi Paradox Solution?
Our place in the universe is a conundrum — life on Earth evolved to create a technologically-savvy race that is now looking for other technologically-savvy intelligences populating our galaxy. But there's a problem; it looks like humanity is the only "intelligent" species in our little corner of…

A mysterious chunk of space debris called 'WTF' is headed straight for Earth
Business Insider
Space junk is becoming a real problem. Today, millions of pieces of it huddle within the region...

Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Could Include Spooky Meteor Shower
International Business Times‎ - 20 hours agoThe Halloween asteroid will make its close approach of Earth around 1:05 p.m. EDT.

Now It's Comet Impact Apocalypse: Earth In Greater Danger Of ...
The Inquisitr-Oct 26, 2015
A new scientific study has found that the Earth is in greater danger than previously thought of a catastrophic meteor impact due to comet .

Halloween 'great pumpkin' asteroid will miss Earth, European Space Agency confirms
... dubbed 'The Great Pumpkin', will pass by safely at around 5pm GMT on October 31 and could provide a stunning meteor shower, particularly in Asia ...

Asteroid Or Space Junk Headed For Earth? Scientists Release Statement On WTF
Headlines & Global News
"We generally can't predict when asteroids or other meteor parent bodies are going to hit Earth and so we can't plan observations of these events.

UNM's Meteorite Museum reopens with futuristic design :: The University of New Mexico
At the University of New Mexico, it houses a collection like none other with specimens dating back 4.5 billion years....

Gabriel Rodrigues Hickel
October 29 at 1:04am
[1510.07869] Are some meteoroids rubble piles?


Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez
October 29 at 5:21am
ESTE OCTUBRE: IMPRESIONANTES BÓLIDOS DE GRANDES FRAGMENTOS DE LOS COMETAS HALLEY Y ENCKE! Los tenéis en nuestro listado de la Red de Investigación sobre Bólidos y Meteoritos: http://www.spmn.uji.es/ESP/SPMNlist.html
Se denomina a las estrellas fugaces más luminosas, aquellas que igualan o superan el planeta Venus...

Welter Mesquita Vaz Mesquita
October 29 at 5:05am

Jose Ildefonso
October 29 at 3:26am
Un pequeño meteorito cae en el lago Baikal
Un meteorito ha caído en el lago Baikal, comunicó este miércoles el Observatorio Astronómico de la U...

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