21 October 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 21OCT2015

Asteroid making surprise flyby at an 'unusually high' velocity
A newly discovered asteroid (not pictured) will make Halloween more thrilling by passing within 1.3 lunar distances (310,000 miles) of Earth. The object, which measures between 300 and 600 meters (1,000 and 2,000 feet) across, was discovered last week by the asteroid-hunting Pan-STARRS observatory…

NSW, Australia Meteor 19OCT2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Photos or videos may be emailed to LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com. Initial MeteorSighting Reports- 19OCT2015 Ryan Jones Jerrabomberra, ...

Best Places to View the Orionid Meteor Shower This Week
Yahoo Travel
Wednesday night will signal the beginning of the Orionid meteor shower, where up to 30 shooting stars are expected to shoot across the sky every ...

Orionid Meteor Shower will take place Wednesday or Thursday
WESH Orlando
The annual Orionid Meteor Shower happens each year when earth passes through the Haley's Comet orbit. You can see the meteor shower this week ...

Spectacular Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight and here's where and when you can see it best
The spectacular astronomical delight that is Orionid meteor shower reaches its peak over the next three nights. The phenomenon is visible throughout ...

How to Catch This Year's Orionid Meteor Shower
Meteorologist Domenica Davis shares how and when you can caught this year's OrionidMeteor Shower.

Will Florida see peak of Orionids meteor shower this week?
Palm Beach Post (blog)
The Orionids meteor shower, which is known to throw multiple meteors per hour, will peak this week. Originating from the debris of Halley's comet, the ...

Northumberland's Dark Skies to light up for two special stargazing events
Weather permitting, it is hoped the Orionids Meteor Shower Show will offer star-gazers the chance to see some of the most spectacular shooting stars ...

Orionid meteor shower visible this week
Grimsby Telegraph
STARGAZERS in the Grimsby area may be able to catch a glimpse of the Orionid meteor shower this week. The celestial display takes place for a few ...

Orionid meteor shower peaks this week
Cosmos Magazine blog
Aurora borealis combines with the Orionids meteor shower in a glorious light show over Norway. [Credit: Tommy Eliassen/Science Photo Library/Getty ...

Orionid Meteor Shower Promises Bright Sky Show This Week
Even before the start of 2015, assiduous meteor observers were aware that this was going to be an excellent year for some of the best of the annual ...

Stargazers in for a treat from Orionid meteor shower
Hartlepool Mail
The Orionid meteor shower is named as such because it appears to radiate from the constellation Orion, which is one of the most visible and ...

Orionid meteor shower 2015: All you need to know about Halley's Comet meteor shower peak on ...
Do you know about Orionid meteor shower? Well get ready to experience it! Although the Orionid meteor shower is from October 17 to 25, 2015, but ...

Orionid meteor shower will be visible to Maldives on Wednesday night
West Texas News
An exciting opportunity is coming the way of people interesting in seeing meteor showers. The Orionid meteor shower will brighten up the night skies ...

NASA Says Orionid Meteor Shower Will Peak This Week
CBS Local
LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The National Aeronautics and Space Administration an Orionid meteor will peak this week.

Meteorwatch: Orionid Meteor Shower
Andrews University
Although not necessary for viewing a meteor shower, a telescope and binoculars will be available for viewing other objects in the sky. You're welcome ...

This Week's Night Sky: Planets Meet Up, Orionid Meteors Fly
National Geographic
Orionid Meteors. From late night Tuesday through Thursday morning, ten to 20 shooting stars per hour will zip across the night sky. As meteor showers ...

Big asteroid will safely pass Earth on Halloween
If the size is correct, the new found asteroid is 28 times bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor that penetrated the atmosphere over Russia in February, ...

Orionid meteor shower peaks this week
Of course, it goes without saying to look up when looking for meteors, but — as for every meteor shower, there's an area where the meteors seem to ...

Star Parties Planned at Devils Tower
Dispatch Times
The Orionid Meteor Shower – formed by debris from Halley's Comet – is just beginning to make its yearly appearance. This is because October is ...

How to watch October's stunning meteor shower created by Halley's Comet
Business Insider
Halley's Comet is only visible from Earth once every 75 years, but residual chunks from its tail generate two annual meteor showers: the Eta Aquarids ...

Orionid meteor shower to hit its peak
UTV Ireland
Orionid meteor shower to hit its peak. New Science 19 Oct 2015. Stargazers will be hoping for clear skies this week as one of the great meteor ...

RIP: Robert Farquhar (1932-2015)
Robert Farquhar 1932-2015
By Keith Cowing- Spaceref.com -October 18, 2015
My friend Robert Farquhar left this life today. He orbited the sun 83 times. He was big on orbits and designed some of the most esoteric and complex spacecraft trajectories ever attempted which were executed with stunning precision....

METEORS FROM HALLEY'S COMET: Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak tonight, Oct. 20-21, with as many as 20 meteors per hour. No matter where you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Wednesday the 21st. Visit Spaceweather.com for sky maps and more information.

An article on radio-waves from fireballs.
At least a draft of this paper is available for free on
Cheers, Jean-Louis Rault

Orionid Meteor Shower peaks Wednesday and Thursday
The annual Orionid meteor shower is underway and will peak on Oct. 20-21. 2015. According to NASA, you can expect to see about 20 meteors per ...

Meteor shower may be visible this week
The next meteor shower of 2015 will be peaking here in the Miami Valley overnight Wednesday into Thursday, StormCenter 7 Meteorologist Brett ...

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