15 October 2015

Alert! HUGE Asteroid '2015 TB145' Set to 'Skim Past Earth' ???with Highly Uncertain Orbit!

30OCT2015 Latest update see-
Now Updated! 15OCT2015 Alert! HUGE "Large enough" Asteroid '2015 TB145' Set to 'Skim Pass Earth' ???! with Highly Uncertain Orbit!  

PANIC NOT REQUIRED, ONLY AWARENESS! - Since its discovery on 10OCT2015, more telescopic and other observations have now determined that this asteroid with a diameter of 290 m - 650 m poses NO risk with an LD of 1.3LD, a 310,188 mile -- 499,200 kilometer miss THIS pass.
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HUGE "Large enough" Asteroid '2015 TB145' Set to 'Skim Pass Earth'???! with Highly Uncertain Orbit!
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Published on Oct 14, 2015
NASA on Alert as HUGE "Large enough" Asteroid '2015 TB145' Set to 'Skim Pass Earth' with Highly Uncertain Orbit
The orbit has now been better resolved; there is certainly NO danger this pass..

A 500 metre wide asteroid will skim past earth at 78,000 mph.
According to NASA’s Near Earth Object Program the enormous lump of rock will pass within 300,000 miles (1.3 LD) - a tiny distance in astronomical terms - of Earth on October 31.
The Minor Planet Center has classified 2015 TB145 as "Potentially Hazardous Asteroid."

During closest approach to Earth the asteroid will reach about apparent magnitude 10, and will be observable to amateur astronomers with small telescopes. At peak brightness, It will be best seen in the Northern hemisphere.

The asteroid was first observed on 10 October 2015 by Pan-STARRS at an apparent magnitude of 20 using a 1.8-meter Ritchey–Chrétien telescope. On 31 October 2015 the asteroid will pass about 0.0019 AU (280,000 km; 180,000 mi) from the Moon and then pass about 0.0032 AU (480,000 km; 300,000 mi) from Earth.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_TB145


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