12 October 2015

Alberta, Canada Fireball Meteor 06OCT2015

Alberta, Canada Fireball Meteor 0650 MST 06OCT2015
w/ Fragmentation

Check your security cameras!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
06OCT2015 Kenneth Vanderwell Slave Lake, AB Canada 06:50/mst 3 secs N-S, Left to Right, facing east. White long thin streak across sky against eastern horizon, no sound noted. Was still dark out, bright like a sparkler. Some parts of the streak burnt out before others, obviously fragments burning at different rates. Was driving east on highway 2 out of Slave Lake, saw the streak above the Mitsue Hills.

06OCT2015 Rod Wilson Edmonton, AB, Canada 6:50 am a few seconds. East, slightly south of east; facing east. easily brightest meteor ever seen, from about 25 to 15 degrees above horizon; split into perhaps 10 pieces at halfway point. sparkling bright against a fairly light sky. Totally fragmented at halfway point. No.
06OCT2015 Marc Schulz Calgary 06:50 am MST 3 or 4 sec Straight down towards earth. I was facing east. white, no sound, broke into pieces About moon brightness, it was just before dawn yes None

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