31 October 2015

Meteoroids Associated with the Halloween Asteroid '2015 TB145' could Put on a Spooky Meteor Shower

Meteoroids Associated with the Halloween Asteroid '2015 TB145' could Put on a Spooky Meteor Shower

Asteroid 2015 TB145 - Live Webcast
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Started on Oct 30, 2015
Tracking asteroid 2015 TB145 live, demonstrating a new program for continuous tracking of minor planets.

Please report your meteor sightings to this website for posting- Remember IF you are looking for a report and no one reports then everyone lacks information; thank you.

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Asteroid 2015 TB145
Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System).
Photo Credit - NASA

Meteoroids Associated with the Halloween Asteroid '2015 TB145' Could Put on a Spooky Meteor Shower
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All eyes are on the "Great Pumpkin" asteroid ahead of its Halloween close approach. Asteroid 2015 TB145 still poses no threat to Earth, but it does continue to deliver some surprises. The latest observations reveal meteoroids associated with the asteroid are unlikely to hit Earth, but, if anything changes, they could put on a show for some skywatchers, particularly in Asia.

The 1,300-foot-wide asteroid 2015 TB145 was discovered less than three weeks ago and will be zoom past Earth at a completely safe distance of approximately 310,000 miles. Without any fear of impact, the asteroid provides an ample opportunity for scientific research, according to NASA. The latest observations indicate asteroid 2015 TB145 may be a dormant comet complete with meteoroids.http://www.ibtimes.com/halloween-aste...




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I've senn this meteor on the sky in Bytów (Poland)