19 October 2015

NSW, Australia Meteor 19OCT2015

NSW, Australia Meteor Apprx. 2030 AEST 19OCT2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19OCT2015 Ryan Jones Jerrabomberra, NSW 2035 12 sec NE to SE, Left to Right, facing East white (no sound) sun changed shape and brightness high in sky to horizon

19OCT2015 JOSHUA G Newcastle, NSW, Australia 20:32 Roughly 5 Facing s-Se Right to left. Very high in the sky. Bright white, followed with red sparks/flames every second Moon. Bright enough to scare my dog. Yes. Every second flashed brighter followed with flames. Things like his wouldn't bother me to report, however this one seems quite bright and lengthy.

19OCT2015 chris furley Binnaway nsw australia 20.31 15 secs binnaway australia facing east , came from south east heading east no sound , fiery orange very bright fiery glow yes , lots of particals falling off , particals on fire seen alot of falling stars but this i have never seen

19OCT2015 Johnny T Newcastle, New South Wales. Australia. 20:30 UTC/GMT +11 hours 8 South to North Green with white tail. Moon No Second time I have observed this kind of meteor. Same direction of travel as previous sighting. Much larger and longer duration this time.

19OCT2015 anton wyong nsw australia 2030 1 sec, but went between building and trees facing east went from n to s no sound, green, yellow orange purple brighter than moon yes was hazy cloud, but meteor was clear

19OCT2015 Paul Rainbow Albury, NSW, Australia 20.25 EST 10sec N10EAz30toN30EHor Very bright white core with wide sparkling steel white tail same as ISS constant feathering Best I have ever seen

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Unknown said...

Once, when we went home late from the storage warehouse, we had the rare chance to watch a meteor shower. It was amazing to see such wonders in the sky. You know how storage warehouses are located in the vast fields – the meteor shower just glistened in the darkness of the area.