27 October 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27OCT2015

Nagasaki, Japan Fireball Meteor 24OCT2015 - 2015年10月24日03時52分長崎市上空に出現した大流星

Saitama, Japan Fireball Meteor 18OCT2015 -M20151018_025515_Saitama 火球

Japan Fireball Meteor 0435 JST 16OCT2015 - M20151016_043355_NN4_s0P 火球

Possible October 31 Meteors From Minor Planet 2015 TB_145
SETI Institute
Also, the CAMS and SonotaCo video meteoroid orbit surveys (which generally detect meteors in the magnitude range +4 to -2) did not detect a meteor ...

Now It's Comet Impact Apocalypse: Earth In Greater Danger Of Catastrophic Meteor Impact Event ...
The Inquisitr
A new scientific study has found that the Earth is in greater danger than previously thought of a catastrophic meteor impact due to comet showers as ...

An Unknown Manmade Object is Headed for Earth
Popular Mechanics
Earlier this month, an object called WT1190F​ was spotted on a trajectory that will bring it right to Earth. It came here from far beyond the moon, and its hollow nature and cylindrical shape suggest that it's human-made and not an asteroid or meteorite. It won't cause any major problems on the…

Why astronomers can't wait for strange flying object to plummet to Earth
The Christian Science Monitor
Astronomers predict that on November 13 a piece of “space junk” will plummet to Earth from above the Indian Ocean, about 40 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka. Most of the unidentified object will likely burn up, with any leftovers expected to plunge into the ocean. Astronomers say the object,…

Mysterious space junk is hurtling towards Earth (and scientists are super excited)
Washington Post
Some space garbage is headed straight for us — but chances are pretty good that no one on Earth will even notice its impact. That is, except for the scientists who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cosmic rubbish. Nature News reports that the object, officially known as WT1190F, will arrive…

Unidentified Space Junk Labelled ‘WTF’ Is About To Crash Into Earth
Andy Wells
A piece of space junk that has been given the apt name of ‘WTF’ is heading straight for Earth - and will crash into us in less than a month. No one seems to know exactly what the flying object actually is - hence the name - but they are in no doubt we are in its path.

Comet found spewing booze out into space
The Verge
Earlier this year, astronomers from the Paris Observatory observed a comet in our Solar System spewing large amounts of ethyl alcohol, the same type found in alcoholic drinks, into space as it passed close by the Sun. The comet — aptly named Comet Lovejoy — spat out the equivalent of "500 bottles…

How to watch the last supermoon of the year tonight
Business Insider
There is an especially large and bright full moon coming out tonight. So, if you want an...

How to watch Mars, Venus, and Jupiter come together in a rare close encounter this week
Business Insider
A celestial event happening this week will be so bright even people in bright cities...

Can We Terraform a Portion of Mars by Enclosing It in a Dome?
This question originally appeared on Quora, the best answer to any question. Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. This is sometimes called para terra forming. Yes, you could cover part of Mars…

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