21 November 2014

TN NC GA AL Fireball Meteor 21NOV2014 w / videos

TN NC GA AL Fireball Meteor 2120 EST / 2020 CST 21NOV2014 w/ videos and 4 reports

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Published on Nov 21, 2014
This is a meteor I filmed with a dash cam on I-40 at mile marker 416 in Tennessee. The camera didn't get it as good as the eye. It was green with a red tip.

Meteor over Marietta, GA
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Powder Springs Rd SW, Marietta, GA 30008

Initial Meteor Reports-
20NOV2014 James Mangile Eclectic Alabama , US 20:20 PM CST 5 seconds Noth sky /righ to left Light up entire sky and fell all the way to horizon/no sound/ fireball had black center Brightest ever seen/. Looked like Roman candle at 50ft None Seen None

20NOV2014 Drew Nashville, Tennessee, USA 20:15 CST 3-4 seconds East to West Yellow/Orange Streak, Changed to Green Pretty Bright Exploded and appeared to throw fragments Started out yellow/orange with a long tail, then turned green before exploding

20NOV2014 Chris East Ridge, TN, USA 21:20 EST 2-3 seconds East to West Bright green and white ball with orangeish tail, very fast, didnt hear anything, was less than a mile above ground falling very horizontal. very bright not sure THIS IS A EDIT FOR THE TIME! SORRY. IT WAS 9:20 PM.

20NOV2014 Jona Fines Creek, NC, USA 2120 ET 2 Facing west, traveled from SW to NW Green fireball Moon + Couldn't tell. None

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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