09 November 2014

TWO Texas/ Oklahoma / Mexico Bolide Meteors 08NOV2014

TWO Texas / Oklahoma / Mexico Bolide Meteors 2031 CST // 2045 CST 08NOV2014
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Two Texas / Oklahoma / Mexico Bolide Meteors Reports 08NOV2014
v.5 c 2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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Texas / Mexico Bolide Meteor 08NOV2014 2045 CST
Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Allsky, Kevin Palivec
20141109_0231 UTC  //  08NOV2014 2031 CST
Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Allsky Camera Network, Kevin Palivec

20141109_0245 UTC // 08NOV2014 2045 CST
Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Allsky Camera Network, Kevin Palivec

Bright green shooting star / meteor, San Antonio, TX, 08 NOV 2014 dashcam
Posted to YouTube by shadeth 54,179 views

Light from meteor that pass by my house in Eagle Pass, TX
Posted to YouTube by Giltv Jmz 37 views

Meteor pass by Eagle Psss, Texas
Posted to YouTube by Giltv Jmz 880 views 

Dash cam video of meteor over Hewitt, Tx.
Posted to YouTube by Jason Naylor 25 views

Carrollton, TX Meteor 11/8/2014
Posted to YouTube by StormChaseMedia 497 views

Security cam footage of meteor fireball from Arlington, TX DFW 11/8/2014
Posted to YouTube by MrRandomTX 3 views

Meteor Shooting Star Caught on Video Austin Texas Nov 8 2014 Modest MousePosted on YouTube by Jamey Maki 1634 views

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
08NOV2014 Thomas Austin 2050PM/UCT was inside; only saw 3-4 seconds of it United States Fire trail from object Brighter than the moon, not nearly like the sun. Bright fire in night sky. Not that I could see. No. Was a brief glance, I only saw it out of my window and not the full event.

08NOV2014 M Newman San Antonio, TX. USA 20:46:00 1 sec E - WNW Green w orange tail, no sound Bright green brighter orange tail none saw very fast, long tail of orange

08NOV2014 Steven Scott Austin Texas 8:45 P.M. 3 sec SW Blue/white with orange sun no looked like a fireball

08NOV2014 Jason rankin Rocksprings , TX, USA 2045 central pm 3-5 seconds Facing north Full light Same as sun None None

08NOV2014 Tim Ward Brackettville, Tx. USA 8:45 P.M. 10 seconds east to west bright blue light that lit up the sky and my back yard 2 minutes later a sonic boom that rattled the windows moon yes no

08NOV2014 Kevin Cain Dallas, TX 2055 2 sec Upper left to lower right. We were facing south Green and some blue with fireball tracing toward ground Moon Yes. Fragmentation after streak in sky Awesome!

08NOV2014 Bobby Mason Buda, TX, USA 2052 1 Second Start: E-N-E of Buda / Stop: E-N-E of Buda. Direction of travel: Down, about 60° angle. Wide trail, Yellow, Red, and Blue Same as Sun No Bright white light after it dropped below the three story roof line

08NOV2014 Rick Gonzalez Mission, Texas, USA 2045/CST 3-4 seconds E-W facing west White tuning green as it lost altitude bright as a small sun yes none

08NOV2014 William Robinson San Antonio, TX USA 2056/CST, PM 2-3 Seconds West due NW, Left to Right Bright Green Very bright, lit up the whole sky green glow Couldn't tell,too bright Never seen such a bright green meteorite like this one before, pretty amazing to see

08NOV2014 Barbara Kerrville 2030 central time approximately 2 seconds I was facing south fireball traveled east to west very low in the sky. I didn't hear anything the color was very gold, both the fireball and tail sun, very bright but not white, gold big tail but no fragmentation from the ball It was huge, disturbing as it was also so low seemed so close .

08NOV2014 Michelle Brown Cedar Park, TX USA 2040 pm 8:40pm 5 seconds Facing west... Direction of travel south to west (facing west, it was traveling left to right) gold/green streak with orange/yellow trails Very bright... much brighter than the moon, but obviously didn't light the sky up like the sun. Looked like trails to me, so maybe. Was very bright... looked almost like a big firework, but was much to bright and different colored.

08NOV2014 Bette Drake Kerrville,TX USA 8:55:00 5-7 seconds s-n red with a green tail very bright not sure Extremely bright green tail.

08NOV2014 Jordan Austin, Texas 20:30/central/8:30 PM 3-4 seconds Facing South left to right Orange, yellow, light tail Extremely bright No fragmentation Long tail like a falling star but looked more like a fireball or something crashing

08NOV2014 Sara Barksdale Texas 8:45 p.m. 3 seconds South left to right north Blue Sun Yes Lit up all the area


08NOV2014 Cynthia Santiago Rockwall, TX 20:45 Central Time maybe 30 seconds South to north, going from left to right. I was facing West. Looked like a normal white faded shooting star, then it turned into a big bright almost green ball, it continued on the trail with a green tail until it changed into green with red tail and the tail continued just red then disapeared. faded white and then the green ball looked as bright as the moon when it's full. No, just a tail I was in Rockwall on the bridge over Lake Hubbard on 30 heading west. I had just gotten off work and called my husband and he answered right when it happened so the EXACT time form my phone log is 8:44pm Central Time


08NOV2014 BT Bee Cave, Texas, USA 78738 8:55 PM / Central Time 5 secs South to North (I was facing West) Long tail, Bright Green Color around head Burned out shortly over horizon at that point bight as moon Hard to tell, didn't really see any It was really awesome to witness

08NOV2014 Melissa Donley Millsap, Texas 2100/central, PM 3 sec North, left to right, north Orange head, green tail 7 times as bright as Venus No No

08NOV2014 Lindsay B. San Angelo 2047 10 sec or less United States blue green color sun bright none seen Bright blue green streak across sky round head with tail disappeared behind trees and looked like it flickered some neighbors reported hearing a boom that shook their apartment

08NOV2014 John Ranger, Tx, USA 9:30PM Central 3 seconds E-W Facing South Blue, White, with pink/purple/yellowish flame on edges of tail brighter than moon, much less than sun none, just a firey tail appeared to fall on Gary Hames property

08NOV2014 rafael mtz Piedras Negras, Coahuil, Mexico 21: 00 20 sec W - E blue ligth yellow streak sun like but blue very few very hard explosion after

08NOV2014 Roy Rasche San Antonio, Tx 2045 hrs 2-4 seconds Traveling W on 410 left to right orange, bright white then green same as sun rise fragmentations were multiple Lit up the night sky. My intial reaction was that of an immense explosion and or fireball.

08NOV2014 Enrique Martinez Piedras Negras, Coahuil, Mexico 21: 00 pm 30 secs E _ W blue ligth yellow streak sun like but blue few explosion when landed close by

08NOV2014 Frank Rodriguez austin texas 9pm 2 to 3 sec W-NW Yellow burning breaking with tail Sun yes Evening news video

08NOV2014 Henry Mayo College Station, TX USA 20:45 CST 1-2 seconds SW sky, down from Left to Right bright green aura, no sound hear within our car 1/2way between sun & moon brightness ball was much wider than tall, but if it was fragmenting, the pieces were staying close to the ball reminded me of falling spacecraft debris from Guardians of the Galaxy movie

08NOV2014 Jon Horne Lubbock,Texas USA 18:47 pm 2-3 seconds Sw to Se right to left. I was facing north.observed through rear view mirror Orange. With parts disintegrating also orange At least bright as moon Yes. Very visible Amazing. So bright it caught my attention in rear view mirror

08NOV2014 Jenn Rushing Waco, TX, USA 2045 central time 4-5 seconds looking south, left to right reddish yellow moon no thought it was fireworks at first

08NOV2014 Jill Elliott Fredericksburg Texas 20:45:00 4-5 seconds Moving East to west Green to blue Steady with sharp burst before going out Yes. Perhaps spilt into two. Fabulous bright tracking light coming from East shooting due west.

08NOV2014 Robert Macdonell San Marcos, Texas 2045 5 SW-NE Green Moon Yes 45 Degrees SW to NE

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