26 November 2014

California Meteor 25NOV2014 w/ video

California Meteor =2015 PST 25NOV2014 w/ 2 videos
17 Meteor Sighting Reports!
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California Meteor =2015 PST 25NOV2014
v.4 c2014 Lunar Meteorite Hunter / Google Earth
Just a meteor video- north near
SNA.CA - dashcam video -on the 405 north near SNA
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Published on Nov 25, 2014
Video 2
Meteor in LA?
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Published on Nov 27, 2014
20141125 20:10
Drive on Gale Av. towards west. Just pass Hacienda Av.
Saw this light on the sky at my left hand side (3:00 in this video).
Is this some sort or meteor?  YES it was a meteor!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
25NOV2014 John & Carey Thousand Oaks,CA,USA 20:15 PST 4-5(sec) E-W/Facing West Bright White Sparkly Ball W/SparklyTail Bright White Yes: A Long Sparkly Tail It Was Very Cool, & 3 Other's Saw it @ Same Time

25NOV2014 Chris Ruhm Yucaipa, CA USA 2015 PST 5-8 second disappeared behind hill North to South Started yellow wwent to blue then green moon lots of sparks and a long tail that remianed for a few seconds after meteor had passed Birghtest, longest one I hvae ever seen by far.

25NOV2014 Lynne Santa Barbara, CA 2010 PST 10 secs N N FLAMES burning flame no slow moving

25NOV2014 David Wingo San Diego, CA, USA 2005 PST 3-4 seconds right to left yellow/red fireball moon no none

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