30 November 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 30NOV2014

Rarer than diamonds, space rocks are the latest exclusive gift. The cost? It's ... Astronomic!
Daily Mail - 2 hours
The recent comet landing, together with films such as Interstellar and Gravity, have ignited interest in collecting space memorabilia – and ...

A 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting
Syracuse New Times
The German colonist said he saw what appeared to be a meteor passing west of him at a distance of about 250 yards and about 65 feet above the ... meteor and NOT a UFO? -LMH

The Odessa Meteor Crater, Texas
YouTube ⋅ 00:44
Methane explosion? Meteor crater? UFO? Scientists baffled by gigantic 262ft hole appeared in Siberia by PatrynWorldLatestNew 247,827 views · 16: ...

Long-Duration Meteor Fireball Seen Over The Czech Republic
A spectacular meteor fireball was seen from across the Czech Republic early Wednesday morning. The fiery event was confirmed by 'experts' at the ...

Launch Postponement of H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 with Hayabusa 2 Onboard
JAXA Press Release -November 28, 2014 (JST)
The launch of the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 26 (H-IIA F26) with the Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2" onboard has been rescheduled as clouds including a freezing layer (please refer to the following figure) that exceeds the restrictions for suitable weather are forecast to be generated at around the scheduled launch time on November 30 (Sun.), 2014 (Japan Standard Time.) The new launch day will be no earlier than December 1 (Mon.), 2014 (JST). ...

Tour December's Sky: Orion Rising
Sky & Telescope
Our monthly podcast offers the key highlights for stargazing in December: where to find bright stars and planets — and how to spot the Geminid meteor ...

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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