22 November 2014

ME OH IN Meteor 21NOV2014

ME OH IN Meteor =1920 EST 21NOV2014

Check your security cameras!
Initial Meteor Reports-
21NOV2014 Matt Indianapolis, IN. united states 1924 EST 3 secons E-W White Brightest object in sky Multiple Frag Started as one object broke into multiple w/two main pieces. Could have been space junk. Observed about 90 degrees up.

21NOV2014 Kim Dayton, OHIO, USA 19:20, PM EST About 2 sec In western sky, straight down White, no sound Bright like sun Didn't see fragments We were driving on I-70.

21NOV2014 Katrhleen Orient, Maine USA 19:15:00 EST 7 - 10 seconds East to S-West White with orangish red tail Moon no It appered to come from right under the l ittle dipper and traveled across the sky with a brilliant orange / red tail trailing across the sky

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