17 November 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17NOV2014

Here's how often small asteroids enter Earth's atmosphere!
Data indicate that small asteroids struck Earth's atmosphere – resulting in a bolide (a fireball, or bright meteor) – on 556 separate occasions in a ...

National Geographic on Twitter: "Shooting stars from the Leonid meteorshower will grace skies ...
Shooting stars from the Leonid meteor shower will grace skies this weekend,,,

Lively Leonid meteor shower peaks tomorrow, Tuesday
Astro Bob
This annual meteor shower, which originates from dust dribbled by comet 55P/Temple-Tuttle, peaks tomorrow and Tuesday mornings November ...

Leonid Meteor Shower Forecast: What to Expect
Such meteor storms have indeed occurred with the Leonid meteor shower, such as in 1833 and 1966 when meteor rates of tens of thousands per hour ..

Best Time To Watch The 2014 Leonid MeteorShower?
The Inquisitr
Each year, stargazers from around the globe step outside to view one of the most impressive annual meteor showers, the Leonid meteorshower.

Leonid Meteor Shower 2014
Leonid Meteor Shower 2014. Event starts Mon Nov, 17 2014 5:00 PM PST. Leonid MeteorShower 2014.

Leonids meteor shower approaches; best viewing,meteor party
St George News
GEORGE – The Leonids meteor shower returns to liven up the night sky Monday and Tuesday, and Southern Utah residents have the opportunity to ...

NASA map shows 556 space rocks smashed into the Earth's atmosphere over a 20-year period
Daily Mail
The flash of light that illuminates the sky is a meteor when it enters Earth's atmosphere. A meteor shower is seen when lots of these smaller particles ...

The November issue of Meteorite Times is now up.
If anyone would like to be featured as one of our Meteorite People or would like to freshen up
their old interview please reply off list....

Leonids meteor shower will dance across the sky tonight
For the Eastern time zone, the 2014 Leonid Meteor Shower will peak overnight between Monday, Nov. 17 and 18, filling the sky with at least a ...

Leonids meteor shower reaches its peak
Astronomy Now Online
The Leonid meteor shower has been active for a few days now and builds towards its peak around 1am this coming night (17/18 November). We can ...

5 things you need to know Monday
The Leonid Meteor Shower will peak from midnight to dawn on both Monday morning (Nov. 17) and Tuesday morning (Nov. 18). According to NASA, a ...

The 2014 Leonid Meteor Shower: What You Need to Know
Weather Underground
If forecasts stand correct, the meteor shower will peak on Monday afternoon for those in the eastern U.S. time zone, according to Scientific American.

National Geographic on Twitter: "Shooting stars from the Leonid meteorshower will grace skies ...
Favorite Favorited. More. Embed Tweet. Survivor of Life ‏@nataliekim71 10h10 hours ago · @NatGeo nothing compares to watching meteor showers!

2014 Meteor Shower: Where To View Leonid MeteorShower Peak Online On November 18
International Business Times AU
Sky watchers can observe the 2014 Leonid meteor shower either on a dark and remote location or indoors during its peak on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

Russian Rocket Debris Could Have Landed In Australia, Says Amateur Astronomer
International Business Times AU
An amateur astronomer from Australia, David Finlay, came across an object that was thought to be a meteor and he believes that it could be the ...

Amateur astronomer on the hunt for outback space junk
ABC Local
EMILY LAURENCE: In the past few months, he's pieced together a trajectory: from photos and shaky smart phone videos of the fireballposted on ...

Leonid meteor shower to peak through early part of week: Here's how to see it
The Leonids meteor shower, which occurs once a year in mid-November, will dance across the night skies into early week, peaking around early ...

Japan Bolide Meteor 13NOV2014
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
SonotaCO Meteor Forum for more photos and videos of the event- http://sonotaco.jp/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3379&sid= ...

NASA confirms a meteor was sighted in the valley sky 13NOV2014
FOX 10 News | fox10phoenix.com
NASA confirmed Saturday night that what many of you saw was indeed a meteor.

Leonids Meteor Shower November 16th 2014 Kingman Arizona
YouTube ⋅ 07:20:32
Leonids Meteor Shower November 16th 2014 Kingman Arizona. DarkSkyWatcher74.

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