29 November 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 29NOV2014

Northern China / Inner Mongolia Asteroid Meteor26/27NOV2014 w/ video
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Asteroid China VIDEO Meteor Asteroid Lights Up Night Sky in Northern China Posted on YouTube by LiveLeak 4 views. Published on Nov 27, 2014

Seismo-Ionospheric effects of 'Chelyabinsk' Meteorite revealed
SpaceDaily - 19 hours
EKB radar field-of-view and trajectory of meteorite 'Chelyabinsk', its explosion (1) and fall (2). Image courtesy Oleg Berngardt.

DNA survives fiery heat of re-entry on test rocket
The Register - 17 hours
Life came here by meteorite theory gets a boost Sounding rockets are sub-orbital spacecraft used to test rocket technologies and to run other ...

Austrian museum crowd-funding to buy a rare moon rock
New York Post - 19 hours
This offer is out of this world. An Austrian museum is offering people who donate to its crowd-funding project a chance to “own” a chunk of ...

Bridgmanite: World's most abundant mineral finally named
PhysOrg - 9 hours
A team of geologists in the U.S. has finally found an analyzable sample of the most abundant mineral in the world allowing them to give it a ...

Physical Laws Challenged By The Uncontrollable Asteroids
The Capital Wide
2013, a near-Earth asteroid, Chelyabinsk meteor, entered the Earth's atmosphere, travelling at 60 times more than the speed of sound. The near Earth ...

Phoenicids (PHO) Meteor Shower
UK Meteor Observation Network
Draconid meteor shower outburst didn't really happen as predicted but there are predictions of an outburst of the Phoenicids meteor shower (Mikiyi ...

CTV Winnipeg... a part of the CTV News Video Network
CTV Winnipeg - CTV News ⋅ 00:01
Scott Laurie goes in search for the meteor that flashed across the sky in Southern Ontario.

Siding Spring's Flyby's Dust might have Changed Mars' Chemistry, says NASA
Maine News Online
The director of NASA's planetary science division suggested that the comet's dust likely produced a meteor shower when particles hit it the upper ...

Meteor fireball filmed over Czech Republic, 26 November 2014
Signs of the Times
Witnesses reported it as a meteor. The event was confirmed by the observatory in Hradec Králové where they claim it was a rocket or satellite debris.... meteor??? or something else?-LMH

See a meteor shower in darkest skies in Wales
News Wales
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water's Elan Valley rangers are offering visitors the chance to see the Geminids meteor shower, on Saturday 13 December from ...

9 reports
AMS received 9 reports about a fireball seen over CA on November 27th 2014 around 01:52 (UTC)

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