03 November 2014

Texas Early Morning Fireball Meteor 01NOV2014

Texas Early Morning Fireball Meteor Approx. 6:42 CST 01NOV2014
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Texas Early Morning Fireball Meteor 01NOV2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
01NOV2014 Chris Polnick Rusk texas USA 06:30 am cst 3 seconds Facing north the meteor travelled from left to right (traveling east) Bright green tail, very long As bright as the moon or brighter Exploded into at least 6 pieces then the small pieces disappeared behind the tree tops Noticed bright light through treetops to my left. Looked up as the meteor passed into clear view over a pasture. There was a very large/wide flaming green tail. Just before going low enough to be obscured by tree tops the meteor exploded and I was able to count at least 6 flaming pieces before it went behind trees. I thought I may have heard a faint sound as the meteor passed over but can't say for sure the sound was the meteor. This meteor was unlike any I have witnessed and was so large it have me goosebumps.

01NOV2014 Jennifer Batson Lufkin, TX USA 6:45:00 5sec United States White, yellow, red Between sun and moon No Left to right. I was facing North

01NOV2014 Matt College Station, TX 06:45 CDT AM 2s (observed) Traveling W-E, I was facing N Green Same brightness as moon or distant firework Appeared to be a small trail of fragments Did not disappear over horizon. Appeared to burn up while I watched.

01NOV2014 john Kruithof San Antonio, TX 0643 CST less than 10 sec L-R Facing N-E bright Green and long tail brighter than the moon no fragments. stared off with good size ball then stretched out into long tail just awesome to witness

01NOV2014 John Williams Point Blank, Texas USA 06:50 CST AM 8-9 sec facing North, traveled W-E steady green, no sound, eventually a white tail formed, then disappeared very bright, visible through trees, at first appeared like a low flying aircraft navigation light would at about 500 feet distance, then moved into clearing and became obvious it was much further away and not an aircraft, white tail formed for last 2-3 seconds none object was very steady in its movement and intensity

01NOV2014 J L Sims Jr Wolf City, Texas USA 06:30 AM approximately I was in the woods when I first saw it it took only about 5 or 6 seconds to pass out of my view I turned my head at least a quarter of a turn or so Southwest Right to Left Bright light with red tail looked to be 10 to 15 feet long like it was burning up going thru our atmosphere Moon No Went to fast to get my iphone out of my pocket all I had to take a picture with

01NOV2014 Van Leftwich Allen, TX, USA 0642 CDT (6:42am) Four maybe five seconds. Start "2-O'clock" in W-SW sky; Stop (disappeared) 10-O'clock in East/SE sky. Flew in virtual straight path horizontally from west to east. Started bright yellow then changed to bright orange before "burning out"/disappearing. Sun-equivalent brightness. Yes, but only just before disappearing/burning out. Was a brilliant crystal clear sighting that did not appear was very high in the sky. Had just stepped out onto uncovered backyard patio to observe the "morning

01NOV2014 david patrick Rowlett, TX USA 06:40,AM only about 3-5 seconds W to E long blue tail with fire or flames around the ball. broke into serval pieces and then went out between venus and a half bright moon it appeared to break into 3 pieces then went out blueish long tail, flames looked like a fight jet engine with in the blueish tail with a fire ball

01NOV2014 Melinda Nobles AUSTIN, TX, USA 6:42/CST, AM 5-10 sec. before behind trees SE, Right to Left. I was facing N. Light blue head, white tail Bright as Venus, much larger No No

01NOV2014 Bob Powell Houston, TX 77077 USA 641 1 to 2 max; got lucky Looking north, maybe 20 degrees above horizon, traveling west to east white ball & tail, then yellow & /blue on perimeter as it disappeared very bright in against dark predawn sky, to quick for much of a comparison,; was changing as I saw it. burned up in the second I saw it Biggest coolest one I have seen maybe ever

01NOV2014 Kenneth sheaffer Belton, texas 500 10 sec. west to east facing north White yellow then exploded blue green venus all at end truck driver on I 35 headed north 

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