23 November 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 23NOV2014

TN NC GA AL Fireball Meteor 21NOV2014 w / videos
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
This is a meteor I filmed with a dash cam on I-40 at mile marker 416 in Tennessee. The camera didn't get it as good as the eye. It was green with a red ...

Kandimalal - The Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater, Western Australia
The Iron Ammonite
I've always been surprised by its relative lack of fame compared to its bigger brother -meteor crater in Arizona. However this changed in 2005 when ...

Wisconsin town took a big hit -- and rare mineral proves it
Pioneer Press - 2 hours
An extremely rare mineral has been found in a western Wisconsin meteorite crater, offering a new glimpse into an astronomical event that ...

Sudbury Basin formed by comet, not asteroid, researcher says
CBC via Yahoo Canada News - 14 hours
It’s been long believed the Sudbury Basin was shaped by an asteroid that hit the region more than a billion years ago, but a Laurentian ...

El misterioso resplandor que encendió la noche rusa: 4 teorías que lo explican
El Confidencial (Comunicado de prensa) (Registro) (blog)
No hace falta remontarse al célebre meteorito de Tungunuska de 1908 para recordar que estos cuerpos celestes adoran estrellarse en Rusia que, ...

Hundreds of us saw that 'giant fireball' this week — but where did it land?
ASTRONOMY IRELAND SAYS its received hundreds of sighting reports since Tuesday night — when what was described as a 'giant fireball' was ...

Inman Park meteor? approximately 9:19 PM EST
Did anyone see what looked like a meteor around 9:19 PM EST tonight, Thursday, November 20, 2014? I just happened to glance up at my windows ...

UK Meteor Observation Network
... of Astronomical Societies (SAGAS) · The S.P.A.M. Meteor Detection Group ... UKMON by UK Meteor Network is licensed under a Creative Commons ...

10 reports
AMS received 10 reports about a fireball seen over IL, IN, KY, MI and OH on November 22nd 2014 around 00:23 (UTC)

An asteroid, not a comet, is behind this meteor shower
St. Cloud Times
The Geminid meteor shower can be found centering in the constellation of Gemini in mid-December. Gemini, aka The Twins, from the ancient Greek, ...

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