19 November 2014

Russia Super Bolide / Asteroid Strike? or SOMETHING ELSE! 14NOV2014

Breaking News- MASSIVE EVENT!
Russia Super Bolide? / Asteroid Strike? / OR Something Else!
1839 Local Time 14NOV2014  
Munitions storage depo Explosion!LunarMeteoriteHunter - Tokyo
3 Different VIDEOS
Sverdlovsk Region / Rezhom, New Region - Yekaterinburg
Russian News mentions the possibility of explosions at the old Rezhevskoy chemical plant.???

-IF you are really interested seeing videos of other "something else" scroll down to the bottom of this post and compare with the YouTube videos/links I have posted. - LunarMeteoriteHunter...Tokyo

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Russia Super Bolide / Asteroid Strike? / OR something else? 1839 Local Time 14NOV2014
Image Credit- Some Very Lucky Russian to Witness!

Video 1
UFO? Meteor? Blast? Massive light flash over Russian Urals stuns locals, scientists (DASHCAM)
Posted on YouTube by RT 301 views


Video 2

Video filmed by Anton Glavatskih schoolboy and his classmates.Posted to YouTube by ТВ Новый день - Новый регион 301 views
Published on Nov 18, 2014Видеоновости РИА "Новый регион" http://urfo.org/ekb/video/
Strange celestial event happened last weekend in the Sverdlovsk region. First, the sky turned red, and then lit up with a bright yellow light. Celestial phenomena have not been able to comment on any of the Sverdlovsk forecasters Hydrometcenter nor representatives Kourovka Observatory. Best phenomenon was seen in the sky over the city Rezhom.
Странное небесное явление произошло в минувшие выходные в Свердловской области. Сначала небо покраснело, а затем озарилось ярким желтым светом. Небесное явление прокомментировать пока не смогли ни синоптики Свердловского Гидрометцентра, ни представители Коуровской обсерватории. Лучше всего явление было видно в небе над городом Режом.

Press Report in Russian-

Video 3
MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO showing explosion from ground and not from meteor!
Вспышка над Свердловской областью | Explosion in the Sverdlovsk region, Russia
Posted to YouTube by IrSCr 6,098 views

Expert opinion-
  Hmmm. I doubt this one is a meteor.
From the video, it appears that the person shooting it was already starting to pay attention well before the peak event. In the video, you can see a pulsating red glow in a stationary position well before it becomes very bright, the latter only happening 18 seconds in the video. The bright peak, of several seconds duration, also seems to be quite stationary. So the event, whatever it was, was already going on for at least 18 seconds, and it does not seem to be moving during that time.
  My guess this is something originating on Earth. To me, it looks like a fire or series of small explosions and subsequent large explosion or flash fire reflecting on a cloud deck. The Russian article (in Google translation) seems to suggest there is a major chemical plant nearby? I wonder if any explosions were heard some tens of seconds after the movie ends.
- Marco
Dr Marco (asteroid 183294) Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

Thank you Marco!

US / World NEWS Coverage of Event 
citing The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News-

Meteor? UFO? Flash Over Russia May Have Earthly Origin
NBC news

4 Possible Explanations for That Mysterious Flash of Light Over Russia

Something Mysterious Lit Up the Russian Sky — and No One Knows Exactly What It Was
The Blaze

Hatalmas fényvillanás Oroszország felett
Szeretlek Magyarorszag

Graban una enorme explosión en el cielo en Rusia

What In The Hell Caused This Enormous Flash Over Russia?

Explosive Flash In Russia Blamed On Meteor
Austrian Times

Mysterious Explosion over Russia: Meteor or 'Russian KILLER Satellite'!

Fire in the Sky News/Powerhouse events ROCK atmosphere!

Astronomy.Russia Discussion Forum-

AstroForum- Forum za Astronome
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De aarde wordt geraakt! Vreemde gebeurtenissen zijn gaande – Tweede zon? Planeet X? – Het gonst van de Theorieën!


UPDATE- Previous NON-meteor events in Russia- 
Take a look.- Lunar Meteorite Hunter
Electrical Fault 2012

Huge explosion in the sky of Russia (Огромный взрыв в небе России)

(Yahoo) Motorists were shocked while driving on a street in Moscow, Russia, when the sky was lit on Monday (6) after a large explosion. The video was recorded by a camera installed 

Munitions storage depo

Stunning amateur videos of giant arms depot explosions in Russia

  • by RT 
  •  3 years ago
A major fire has broken out at a ammunitions storage depot in Central Russia (Удмуртия), triggering explosions and injuring 45. Two elderly people have died from heart attacks said 

Munitions storage depo

Raw video of weapons depot inferno in Russia

  • by RT 
  •  5 years ago
Russia's Ministry of Defence says at least two military firefighters are dead after a series of blasts at a weapons storage facility in central Russia. Officials say 43 people have been 

Munitions storage depo

Video: Far-east wildfire ignites military depot, massive explosions rock Siberia, deaths reported

  • by RT 
  •  6 months ago
At least 11 people have been killed in explosions at a military depot in Russia's Transbaikal. Over 400 people have been evacuated, but this figure may grow. There were 

Munitions storage depo

Blast At Russia Arms Depot Sends Shells Flying Over 4 Kilometers

Massive explosions have rocked an area outside the Russian city of Orenburg on Monday as fire engulfed an armaments warehouse, forcing local residents to flee their homes.

Thank you Andrei in Ol'khovatov, Russia, Moscow!

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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