22 March 2013

VA NJ MD Fireball Meteor 20MAR2013

VA NJ MD  Fireball Meteor approx 22:20 EDT 20MAR2013
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VA NJ MD Meteor 20MAR2013 Reports
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

20MAR2013 S. Snead Virginia Beach, VA USA EST approx 10pm less than 6 seconds NW No sounds, bright green trail Green trail was very bright There was some fragmentation None

20MAR2013 Randall Cherry Hill, NJ 22:25 EST 7 sec East to west, facing south Bright white Brighter than the moon, not as birght as the sun None Observed by about 15 people, including me, standing in a parking lot. Everyone though it was uncommonly bright and clear

20MAR2013 Evan Blokkum Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America 2245 4-7 seconds S-N. top of sky to northern horizon orange to bright white flash, orange sparks bright as venus during decent, bright as moon during flash yes I was wearing double hearing protection and goggles due to work. so me and other witnesses couldn't hear anything, I only saw it for four seconds, but some said about seven seconds

20MAR2013 Gretchen Fair Haven, NJ, USA 22:29 eastern 2 facing West - South to North greenish white moon no very bright then disappeared

20MAR2013 Adam Guiffredo Crofton, Maryland, USA 2220/EST 3-5 seconds East to West Bright White Brightness of the Sun One part broke into about seven smaller parts N/A

20MAR2013 willis Dumfries, VA USA 22:20 approximate 3-5 seconds NE greenish Venus no Very bright and unusally long appearing.

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