15 March 2013

MA NJ Fireball Meteor 14MAR2013

MA NJ Fireball Meteor  19:50 EDT 14MAR2013
NJ MA meteor 14MAR2013
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Initial Fireball Sighting Reports-
14MAR2013 Evelin Perez Somerville NJ, USA 19:50:00 3-4 sec North from right to left Blue, white, yellow Very bright, big fireball Yes No

14MAR2013 Brenda Grant Lowell, ma 749pm 5-10 seconds North White Sun Unknown Very bright and white in color a little above horizon

14MAR2013 Ala glenwood, nj, orange 19:45:00 4 to 5 seconds east white moon! yes! biggest meteor ever!

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Unknown said...

Biloxi, misissippi standing on the beach about 2:26am a huge white flash of light came across the sky, it was absolutely amazing the biggest shooting star I have ever seen!!!