11 March 2013

WV VA MD NJ Fireball Meteor 11MAR2013

WV VA MD NJ Fireball Meteor approx. 04:35 EDT 11MAR2013
WV VA MD NJ Fireball Meteor 11MAR2013
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Initial Reports'
11MAR2013 Lisa Cape May NJ USA around 4:45 am est dst I saw 2 seconds through window facing sw straight down white/blue moon no looked like a huge shooting star

11MAR2013 bwas Herndon, VA, USA 0430 EST 2-3 sec N-S Left to right. Facing South. low on southern horizon Green Moon none witnessed awesome

11MAR2013 Elizabeth Sanford Germantown, MD, USA approx 0435 Eastern (DST) Not longer than 3 seconds I was facing roughly southbound in my (moving) vehicle.  The start/stop location seemed very low in the sky, and moved from N to SSE. Color was a bright whitish blue.  No sound that I was able to hear, as I was in a car w/ windows rolled up. Very bright - brighter than Venus; as bright as moon on some nights A little bit, just as it was trailing off Most notable to me, novice, was how low in the sky and how much larger than others I've seen over the years.

11MAR2013 ANGIE CAPON BRIDGE, WV, USA 04:35 EDT 3-4 seconds E-SE WHITE/BLUE Very bright, like the moon. No There was a flash right before it reached the surface.

11MAR2013 Rob Lucketts, VA 438AM EST 3 seconds N-S direction of travel. Occurred east of my location bright white moon looked like small piece separated at end looked like a firework after it exploded - (but debris falling back to earth as one piece)

11MAR2013 Heather Rohrersville, MD, United States 4:36:00 2 seconds Facing East, looked like it feel behind the mountain, so traveling east? Bluish green color, no sound Brighter than the moon, not as bright as the sun Not that I could see No, I saw it just before it disappeared.

11MAR2013 Rich Ivy, VA USA 435 10 sec North to South Red with a white tail Venus None None
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