11 March 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11MAR2013

Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments NOT!
MIT Technology Review
On 29 December 20012, a fireball lit up the early evening skies over the Sri Lankan province of Polonnaruwa. Hot, sparkling fragments of the fireball rained down across the countryside and witnesses reported the strong odour of tar or asphalt. Over the ...

Comet? Meteor? Asteroid? Here's how to tell the difference
San Jose Mercury News
Meteor shower: A collection of meteors visible when Earth passes through a trail of debris left by a comet. Asteroid: An object larger than a meteoroid that orbits the sun and is made of rock or metal. Historically, objects larger than 10 meters across ...

Wow, the Russian Meteor Was the Biggest in a Century
The Atlantic
The meteor we all saw streaking across YouTube from Russian dashboard cameras was the largest in a century, a scientist who studied the event told Nature's Geoff Brumfiel. That would make it the biggest rock to hit the Earth since 1908's Tunguska wiped ...

To at Least One Earthling, Siberia Meteor Proved That Science Is Critical
New York Times
Twice on a recent Friday, the cosmos intruded rudely on us earthlings. A meteorexploded over western Siberia, shattering windows, injuring hundreds and scaring pretty much everyone else. That same day, an asteroid passed within 18,000 miles of us ...

Comets & Life On Earth: Impacts May Have Jump-Started Biological Evolution
Sun, 10 Mar, 2013 06:29 AM PDT
Life's building blocks can form in the harsh environment of deep space, a new study suggests, bolstering the odds that a comet or meteorite strike may have jump-started biological evolution on Earth.

meteorite couLD strike here tOO!
Sun, 10 Mar, 2013 04:59 AM PDT
SPACE experts at a unique Welsh asteroid monitoring facility have warned that the Russianmeteorite which injured more than 1,000 is an urgent “wake-up call” to the planet.

Has there ever been a big meteorite fall on the Ridgefield area?
Sun, 10 Mar, 2013 03:43 AM PDT
Has there ever been a big meteorite around here like Siberia’s last week? Around daybreak on Dec. 14, 1807, 14-year-old Samuel G. Goodrich had gotten out of bed to build a fire.

Meteorite fetches $50 at local auction
npc-news.standardspeaker.com Sat, 09 Mar, 2013 09:00 PM PST
By all accounts, the auction Saturday at J&J Auction Service in Sheppton offered the usual fare of old toys, antique pictures and furniture, and hundreds of other items that were once a part of someone's life. But this auction had something different: a

Welsh asteroid monitoring station's metorite 'wake-up' warning
Sat, 09 Mar, 2013 04:27 PM PST
Space experts at a unique Welsh asteroid monitoring facility have warned that the Russianmeteorite which injured more than 1,000 is an urgent “wake-up call” to the planet.

熱線追蹤2013-03-04 pt.1/5 隕石浩劫- YouTube
熱線追蹤2013-03-04 pt.1/5 隕石浩劫. ttv·4,122 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 9,029 ...

Meteor Falling Down To Earth Caught On Dash Cam
Recorded March 8th 2013 in Indiana just after 9pm est. Saw this good sized meteor falling to earth and couldn't believe I actually got it on dash cam. I have seen them before and always wished I had got it on film and now I did :) Quality is pretty ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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