14 March 2013

ONT MI IN OH Fireball Meteor 14MAR2013

Ontario, Michigan, Indiana Fireball Meteor 0620 EST 14MAR2013
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Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio Fireball Meteor 0620 EST 14MAR2013
If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you!

Initial Sighting Reports-

14MAR2013 Dave Thamesville, Ontario, Canada 06:21 EST 2-3 seconds WNW-NW(left to right, ending at NW orientaion)  falling at angle of 20 deg or so from horizon one bright object, then broke into small fragments, appeared to fade completely before hitting horizon/ground same as moon one bright object,(1-1.5 sec.) then broke into small fragments(1-1.5 sec.), appeared to fade completely before hitting horizon/ground no photo! Had camera, but no time to get the picture.

14MAR2013 Steve Pasternak Saline, Michigan 0620 EST 3-4 seconds I'm facing N, meteor travel was W to E Bright white, no sound much brighter than Venus, less than full moon yes, short tail of burning fragments trajectory more horizontal. Brightness caught my peripheral vision from due West then it travelled to approx. due North, noticed lots of fragmentation just before it disappeared. Awesome!

14MAR2013 Lora Starwalt Butler IN 6:18:00 3 sec Left to right,W to E White Moon No Seemed lik it was really low

14MAR2013 nk Chatham Ontario Canada 6:15:00 2-3 seconds Me facing NW; Meteor L-R Green Moon No N/A

14MAR2013 Jacey Iron River, MI 5:20:00 3 sec East no/white moon no looked like a ball falling in the sky.  Had a fire tail on the end of it before it dissapated in the sky.

14MAR2013 Tim Williams Streetsboro, OH 0621 et about 10sec sw to ne I was driving nw on st rt 14 white trail brite flash a little brighter then the moon can't tell no

14MAR2013 George K Ann Arbor, MI and Between Northville 6:20 EST 3 Driving NorthEast on M-14, I saw it out my left window traveling East and toward the ground White flash out of the left corner of my eye while driving.  When I looked I saw a fading trail of white light.  I only saw the trail for part of a second before it was gone. Looked like lightning out of the corner of my eye while driving. Didn't see fragmentation.  I saw the initial flash out of the corner of my eye Bright flash got my attention, then I looked out my window and saw the fading trail.  Glad to see others reported it, so I'm not hallucinating on my morning commute!

14MAR2013 Kirk Lambertville, Michigan 6:15:00 3-5secs ESE:WNW White/Blue Increasing brightness until burn out Moon, Bright white no Was driving, sorry no photo

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