31 March 2013

Texas Fireball Meteor 30MAR2013

Texas Fireball Meteor 30MAR 04"15 Central 30MAR2013

Texas Fireball Meteor 30MAR 04"15 Central 30MAR2013
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Please get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your favorite forums and local news outlets; check security cameras and allsky cameras for a capture of this event. Thank you!
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If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report-CHECK security cameras; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
30MAR2013 Caleb Amarillo, TX, USA 4:20:00 5 Traveling East green & looked like fire/sparks coming off equal to the sun unkown Couldn't tell if it landed or just went through the atmosphere

30MAR2013 Randy Lubbock, TX, USA 4:16 AM CST 7-10 seconds Traveled West to East (was facing North) no sound.  bright white light that seemed to "drip" green colored material bright as the moon. It appeared to "drip" green colored material. low angle of descent, nearly 5-10 degrees.  Object had no tail.  Object's light went out mid-flight.

30MAR2013 Jesus Anaya Bovina, TEXAS, USA ~0415 CENTRAL ~10 sec Traveled from W to E. I faced N, started in NW sky, passed just under N-Star, ended in NE Sky. Mostly Blue/White with tail, Orange Fragments and explosion Significantly brighter than Venus. Yes. Fragments could be made out during last 2 secs. Clear sky was lit up by town lights and bright moon. Sparkled blue as it traveled for about 10 secs nearly across entire sky. In final 2 secs or so, orange fragments could be seen in the tail before a bright orange explosion.

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